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August 2017


This month we have chosen Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming Charitable Trust as our supported charity.


Be sure to participate, as all profits from Classes 9 and 10 will be donated.


Our sponsors for this month are Saxon & Clover, Muckymare Equestrian Horsewear, Ruffle Snuffle, Pebble Art by Jess, Slates 'R' Us, GB Equestrian, High Fashion Equine Official, Iona's Stable Plaques, Forever Amber, Akira's Keyrings and Jacqui-Mare Designs.


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Last months news.


Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming Charitable Trust

Once the boys have been gelded, chipped & have their passport we then rehome them at a cost of £160 as that’s what the vet charges us for the geld,
months old, along with 4 orphan foals.about 3 to 5Mares are having foals this time of year we monitor them on the commons & if they need taking off we will do so, we currently have 60 in our care most are all unbroken, we also have 2 rigs that would need an operation to be castrated & only have 6 mares out of the 60 we currently have, also we have 11 abandoned foals (colts) their ages are
months on the commons.winterWe also attend RTC’s on the commons where horses & ponies are begin dumped so have no owners & we help the injured ones back to heath if they can be saved, we feed haylage & hard feed to them though the
We raise funds to rehome,geld, feed, wormers, vet bills the dumped unloved unwanted & the emaciated the list goes on, we work in South Wales & surrounding areas, we have gelded over 400 stallions & rehomed over 900 ponies since we have started, we have done this on the kindness of our members though Facebook who really believe in us to get the job done.
"Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming Charitable Trust is an equine rescue in South Wales Caerphilly; we have been going for over 5 years, recently got Charity status No. 1771060.chip and passport and we do like a little donation of any kind to help feed care for the others, the new owner will have ref checks before they leave us.
We have 6 Admin who look after these ponies & we all do it for free in our spare time as most of us are in work, have own ponies, families, we also have a few members that come over & help us with the ponies too."


Bobby Was on common could not run due to bad hooves, we took him in, gelded, chipped/passport, one of our members kindly sorted his feet, now he has a Forever Home and can run.


Sammy Jo was on the common, starving, full of worms, we took her in in Feb 2016, long process, she now lives a happy life in Somerset.


Roberta was seized from her owner in April 2017 , vet said worse lice infestation she had ever seen, she still has a long way to go.


Charlie Brown November 2013 he was handed over to us by his owner as you can see he's turned a corner, living the dream.


July 2017, 11 colts dumped, covered in engine oil, ages 3 to 5 months old, dumped because they were colts, we took them in too, their adventures have only just begun...

Would you like to help/Follow or donate towards such a worthy cause? If so please click here

All photos are the property of Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming Charitable Trust and have been used with permission!

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