January 2017 News

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January 2017


This month we have chosen Prince Fluffy Kareem as our supported charity.


Be sure to participate, as all profits from Classes 4 and 5 will be donated.


Our sponsors for this month are Z. Tyas Equine Portraits, Maisie and Fred Designs, Trot To It, Hannah Davies - Equine Portraits. The World Art Boutique and N. Clark International.


Well done to our two competition winners! Jayne Crofts and Carole Hunter. We hope you enjoy your prizes.

Prince Fluffy Kareem

Prince Fluffy Kareem is a small UK registered charity (1156400), where a small group of people work together to better the lives of working horses based in Egypt.


Egypt is a poverty-stricken country, where lack of income from poor tourism and minimal knowledge about horses means that the expensive roughage costs are difficult to cover. This leaves horses in a poor condition.


"PFK holds clinics in cooperation with local vets, where horses, camels and donkeys get treated free of charge. We treat various issues like colic, colds, equine malaria, saddle sores and other wounds, laminitis, and various joint-and tendon injuries. Owners are shown how to provide ongoing care at home. We also provide hoof care and dental care if necessary."


I have followed Prince Fluffy Kareem for several years now, and they do absolutely fantastic work.

One case I have found particularly touching was Weeble's story, the tale of a horse who fought against the odds to walk again. 


"In the first weeks there were many tears for Weeble, especially as so many people, including farriers and vets, advised euthanasia. But Sherif had faith that he could make it, and so had Dr Jude, which gave me the strength to carry on with feeding, minerals and vitamins, lots of encouraging words whenever he moved around, frequent trimming and massages. Weeble first walked by using one leg normally and dragging the other leg behind him by raising his hip. Then he advanced to a more normal gait, but with very raised hocks for each step..."



You can read Weeble's incredible full story here


To show your support you can enter our charity classes (4 and 5), or donate directly by clicking here.

All photos are the property of Prince Fluffy Kareem and have been used with permission!

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