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November 2017


This month we have chosen Hopton Rehab and Homing as our supported charity.


Be sure to participate, as all profits from Classes 11 & 12 will be donated.


Our sponsors for this month are: Print My Wordsm Pebble Art by Jess, The Equine Design Company, Akira's Keyrings, Jacqui-Marie Designs, Pretty Penny's Dog & Pet Accessories, Iona's Stable Plaques, High Fashion Equine Official, Bespoke Equi-Plaques and Muckymare Equestrian Horsewear.


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Hopton Rehab and Rehoming

We are a new charity and due to the demand required of people contacting us to have their horses it is proving there is a huge need for this support. When we take horses into the centre they are under our care for life, which reassures old owners that their horse will never end up get passed from one home to another and gives assurance to new owners that should circumstances change or things go wrong the horse comes back to the centre.

Hopton Rehab and Homing Centre (HRH) was established in Jan 2017 following 4 years of slowly accumulating horses in need of rehoming which had been privately funded before obtaining charity status in July. The Trustees, Tracy, Lin, Ruth and Sarah are all extremely experienced in the equestrian industry, with a shared passion for horse welfare and rehabilitation.

Over the past 4 years Tracy and Lin have accumulated a variety of equines that needed extensive rehabilitation, both physically, mentally or both some with a very chequered history others due to the circumstances / health of the owners. The volume coming into the centre has increased significantly hence the creation of HRH. We have built a good reputation for providing opportunities for the horses to unwind before then working with them to find a new purpose in life.


With the care and time to be totally re-schooled, with others benefitting from a change of discipline, some are now ready to be moved on to new homes. They can then receive the love and care they deserve, and be able to participate in activities that they have been assessed and trained to be capable of. .These horses do not meet the criteria for support from rescue centres as they are not health / neglect welfare cases, but merely require the opportunity to fulfil their potential in another direction.


We are looking for the public and businesses to support the Charity, either financially or otherwise to assist us to care for these animals and secure their future. For UK tax payers we are able to claim gift aid on their donations. Examples of ways in which support can be given: Financial sponsorship to the Charity Sponsorship of named horse at the Charity for the duration of its time with us Donations of goods eg feed, first aid equipment, yard equipment, tack, rugs, wormers Donations of services eg health care, physio, marketing, social media promotions Volunteer help eg fund raising, charity events It is an exciting time for this new charity with its first successful rehoming in March and are now on rehoming number 18. We have assistance from local volunteers on the yard and if you feel you would like to be involved we look forward to hearing from you. Again many thanks for supporting us as all help and recognition is very very welcome.

The above 3 horses have been rehomed via Hopton Rehab and Homing.

These two are youngsters that are going to remain with us until the are able to be ridden and established. Currently 2yrs and 3 yrs so they are long term inmates at the centre. We do not rehome unbroken horses as we feel that their early years education is the most important time of their lives.

All photos are the property of Hopton Rehab and Homing, and have been used with permission!

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