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Online Horse Showing: January 2023 Results

Here you will find a full list of the Online Horse Showing January 2023 results.

Online Horse Showing is a horse show online that is judged purely on photographs. Entrants can compete against each other from all over the world.

This is the Online Horse Showing results page for January 2023. You can find all results and judges' comments on this page.

Please remember that any prizes won via our equestrian showing sponsors must be claimed by messaging them directly. You can click the links attached to each class, which will take you directly to the sponsors' pages.

Any free entries & entry credits won MUST be claimed before the end of the following show month (February 2023.) In order to claim your free entries, please use our system via the website.

Please remember that our international postage costs have now changed as of April 2022.


Class 1 - Welsh Breeds

Judge's comments: "I have a welsh section c of my own so this was such a lovely class to judge!"

1. Xanthe Daniels & Iscar- "So striking and such a beauty! Everyone definitely has all eyes on him in the show ring"

2. Jasmine Petty & Dancing- "She is absolutely breathtaking! Such a lovely combination of breeds"

3. Chloe Grant & Wernderris Lettuce- "Look at this little pocket rocket! Such a talented little pony and so beautiful"

4. Georgie O’Connor & Leah- "Leah is very beautiful and such an allrounder you are very lucky!"

5. Kirsty Hilton & Solomon- "The shine of his coat and the way he is strutting here in this photo absolutely beautiful! Such a stunning stamp of a welsh"

6. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby- "She is such a beauty! She has 100%confidence in you such a lovely pair!"

7. Jasmine Saunders & Tardebigge Limited Edition- "For 21 he looks in such good shape! And when I think of a section D this is the stamp I think of!"

8. S.Williams & Haniel Brasterau Du.- "Such a beautiful coat so shiny, definitely turning heads when he is in the showring"

9. Farrah Maguire & Echo- "How can you not love a little fluffy grey welsh! So adorable!!!!"

10. Briony Nelson & Thruway Manikin- "Such a good crossover of breeds very talented! Also such a breathtaking looking horse"

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 2 - Retrained Racing Breeds

Judge's comments: "Wow this was a tough Class. All really well deserving so was really hard to choose a top 10. Just showing us that they can be and do anything. Really well done to everyone entered."

1. Bethany Thomas & Eyecon

2. Jess Barraclough & Aythorpe Flyer

3. Charlotte Whitfield & Valentina Mi Amor

4. Izzy Baillie & Zippidy Doodah

5. Jac Trytsman & Sienna

6. Julie Morgil & Harry

7. Siobhan Humphries & Ballyferris

8. Rachel Young & Little Bear Ill

9. Jesslynn Peters & Bullseye

10. Amber Docwra & Sean

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 3 - Best Turned Out

1. Georgie Rooney & Marco 2. Jasmine Petty & Lady Tella 3. Laura Kennedy & Fergus 4. Beaux Harford & Mary Rose 5. Hermione Perry & Haystowngill 6. Faye Kirby & Withypoole Anstey Duke 7. Zoe Gaffer & Lavender Lace 8. Farrah Maguire & Echo 9. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby 10. Aaliyah Davies & LA Ink

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 4 - Competition Horse or Pony

1. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow - "Enthusiastic and attentive to the job at hand, Lady of Pencarrow looks like one I would love to take out for a day at a show!"

2. Charlotte Whitfield & Valentina Mi Amor - "Valentina Mi Amor looks calm, cool, and collected while getting the job done. Lovely horse."

3. Sarah Beveridge & Sir Archibold - "Lovely horse who looks well taken care of and suited for the job at hand."

4. Georgie Rooney & Marco - "Marco looks like such a gentleman and a good time to take out!"

5. Beaux Harford & Mary Rose - "This horse looks like a solid citizen who knows her job well. Lovely to see!"

6. Willow Holland & Bailey Shark - " Bailey Shark has the kindest expression in every picture - love to see a horse who loves their job!"

7. Farrah Maguire & Echo - "Ponies can get a bad reputation for being naughty, but Echo seems to have the job locked down in every ring! Adorable pony."

8. Jac Trytsman & Sienna - "Another horse with a kind eye and willing expression - Sienna looks like she would try her heart out for you."

9. Jasmine Petty & Lady Tella - "Lady Tella looks focused and well prepared - good work!"

10. Pennie Walker & Kateland Cruz - "What a snappy little jumper - no rails down for her!"

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 5 - Best Youngster

Judge's comments: "OK, gorgeous baby horses everywhere! How is a judge to choose?! It is soooo wonderful to see all these youngsters getting the best starts in their lives - well done to all of you!
Helpful Hint:- When we are judging these types of classes, it makes things easier, (or harder actually), to have a side on photo as well as a movement photo ideally. This allows us Judges to really see the confirmation and quality of the horse and can make all the difference with placings."

1. Amanda Carter & Mademoiselle de Mimosa - "A cracking youngster! Nicely put together with a gorgeous head and lovely expressive movement. A good collage photo showing her off well plus I love her name!"

2. Brittany Elliot & Samarah Park Royal Blue - "A really lovely example of a young heavy horse type. Really interesting coat colouring also makes him very striking."

3. Tasha Hart & Glanteifi Barcud Coch - "A lovely well conditioned example of a Sec D as a yearling. He's a credit to you!".

4. Brittany Elliot & Ellico Park Kaer Morhen - "This is going to be a really attractive horse when he/she grows up. Lovely foal!"

5. Amber Docwra & Rafi - "I really like this little horse. He is nicely put together, with attractive colouring and I like his spirit; you can see it in bottom left photo."

6. Jennie Millburn & Last Dance - "Lovely youngster. Nice movement and what a shine to that coat!"

7. Brittany Elliot & Ellico Park Lady of Winterfell - "Another lovely looking foal. Again this is will be very attractive as it grows. I particularly love her markings!"

8. Brittany Elliot & Elite Prophecy of Durin - "A really nicely marked coloured. Well put together and obviously already a dab hand at competitions!"

9. Leanne Harrison & Pepper - "Definitely a leg in each corner! A really lovely solid little cob. Really fabulous condition and I love all the floof over her face!"

10. Jas Sparshott & Mr Darcy - "A very sweet looking pony who is obviously very well loved. I think he has a bright future with you."

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 6 - Best Veteran

Judge's comments: "So many lovely veterans in this class -- all looking amazing and obviously well-loved and cared for! Wish I could have placed them all!"

1. Charlai Stradling & Bilbo Baggins (21)

2. Steph Mussman & Siglavy Aga (23)

3. Beaux Harford & King James (24)

4. Elinor Hewitt & Granshas One of a Kind (23)

5. Amber Docwra & Brew (26)

6. Julie Morgil & Harry (16)

7. Georgie Rooney & Marco (15)

8. Izzy Baillie & Upcott Jackson (21)

9. Emma Sansom & Moveen River

10. Sarah Mules & Splash (23)

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 7 - Best Handler

1. Molly Bowring & Sandbeck Digger - "I love everything about this photo! Such a great action shot from the perfect angle, showing lots of energy and expression! Wonderful example of a confident and well-turned out handler, and her pony looks like he would go anywhere she leads him -- well done!

2. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh - "What a great partnership! Looks like you have a lot of fun together, and also have a lot of trust in each other!"

3. Farrah Maguire & Echo - "Another great entry! I enjoyed seeing the variety of photos in your collage - looks like you are an inseparable pair"

4. Steph Mussman & Siglavy Aga

5. Georgie Rooney & Marco

6. Lily Tyers Hunter & Caroline

7. Jac Trytsman & Berlin

8. Amy Lowery-Wiltshire & Bella

9. Katie Sales & Kingsmeadowhouse Lomu

10. Erin Martin & Toffee

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 8 - Heavy Breeds

Judge's comments: "OMG, I loved this class! Lovely to see lots of different heavy breed types and also doing different disciplines. Along with the young ones coming up and filling out. Really tough to choose top ten but really well done to you all."

1. Brittany Elliot & Samarah Park Athina

2. Izzy Baillie & Upcott Jackson

3. Jonna Landen & Iris

4. Tracey Stead & Stoney Lake Hound Dog

5. Olivia Billinge & Taysha

6. Sharon O'Connell & Indian Bonnet

7. Ellie Walsh & Dtorm

8. Murray Stead & Blaze

9. Brittany Elliot & Samarah Park Rembrandt

l0. Kathryn Legg & Calder Benefactor

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 9 - Solid Colours

1. Hannah O’Fearghail-Cogburn & HRO Dukhan - "lovely condition and beautiful horse, love seeing all angles like this."

2. Rachel Young & Little Bear III

3. Faye Kirby & Withypoole Anstey-Duke

4. Lucia Slatcher & Frankie

5. Georgie Rooney & Marco

6. Jonna Landén & Black Pearl

7. Beaux Hartford & Mary Rose

8. Caroline Roberts & Oberon

9. Izzy Baillie & Merry

10. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 10 - Open Coloured

1. Hannah Care & Ziggy - “A beautifully marked horse with radiant condition and overall coat health. This eye catching equine has been brilliantly turned out which really stood out, Well done!”

2. Silvia Cibinel & Guily - “A radiant animal with striking markings and a fabulous all round glow of outstanding health!”

3. Sarah Beveridge & Deal Me Dexter

4. Annabel Mackay & Charlie’s Pride

5. Laura Kennedy & Fergus

6. Jessica Barraclough & Elsa

7. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow

8. Melody Harrowven & Kaida

9. Jessica Graef & Apache Sunrise

10. Beaux Harford & King James

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 11 - Retried or Non-Ridden

1. Cara Martin & Jack

2. Lynn Carter & Elwood

3. Jordan Wood & AFH Cherokee Rose

4. Georgie Rooney & Dan

5. Sofia Malvar & Darwin

6. Amber Scutchings & Storm

7. Jessica Graef & Apache Sunrise

8. Hannah O'Farghail-Cogburn & HRO Dukhan

9. Scarlett Palmer & Lyra

10. Kirsty Hilton & Solomon

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 12 - Magical Mares

Judge's comments: "Absolutely gorgeous mares! I enjoyed judging and sponsoring this class. You all show a strong bond with your horse or ponies and take great photos. Really well done to you all"

1. Lydia Lynch & Poppy

2. Amy Lowery - Wiltshire & Bella

3. Rhiannon Thorogood & Colleen

4. Aleksa Lewis & Ava

5. Jonna Landén & Iris

6. Holly De La Haye & Lady Of Pencarrow

7. Laura Sanders & Mosscars Saddanach Soleit

8. Beaux Harford & Mary Rose

9. Samantha Johnson & Autumn

10. Cara Martin & Rolley

Well done. Prize to 1st, please contact our sponsor directly to claim.

Class 13 - Golden Geldings

1. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry 2. Faye Kirby & Withypoole Anstey Duke 3. Izzy Ballie & Golden Guarantee 4. Georgie Rooney & Marco 5. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley 6. Jac Trytsman & Racuti 7. Jonna Landen & Black Pearl 8. Ellie Walsh & Storm 9. Jas Sparshot & Mr Darcy 10. Lucia Slatcher & Frankie

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 14 - Beach Vibes

Judge's comments: "This was a very tough class to judge and I'd of placed you all. Some of the photos were quite blurry so hard to make out any details that would make them stand out."

1. Hazel Carter & Fidget Pie - "absolutely fantastic photo, you both look so happy and enjoying yourselves immensely. It looks so fun and free."

2. Erin Martin & Toffee - "another fantastic photo, fabulous little rider and pony."

3. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow - "a fabulous beach photo. The rainbow going over you both is just beautiful."

4. Hazel Carter & Dancer - "you both look so happy"

5. Lisa Cesareo & Kodie

6. Tracy Powell & Diablo

7. Riley Boyes & Welly

8. Amanda Carter & Montgomery Montague

9. Tiffany Nietzke & Cabernet

10. Annabel Hinde & Brontë Belle

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 15 - Best Instagram Moment

1. Madison Yelland & O’Neil - "just want to give that gorgeous muzzle a big kiss!"

2. Kiernan Freeman & Trycoeds Minx - "looks like you have got the selfies sorted!"

3. Olivia Billinge & Taysha - "beautiful scenery and Taysha is very much enjoying the canter"

4. Brianna Rankins & Modern Melody

5. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh

6. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

7. Rosie Gilbert & Old Jake (through the ears photo)

8. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride

9. Alesha Jennar & TND Bars of Steel

10. Farrah Maguire & Echo


Amber Docwra & Dougie

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 16 - Core Memories

Judge's comments: "So many wonderful memories. Thank you so much for sharing. My top 3 changed a few times but I got there in the end."

1. Lucia Slatcher & Frankie – "some truly wonderful memories. "You both look so happy together."

2. Laura Sanders with Mosscarr Saddanach Soleil & Siblings. - "What a beautiful trio. Thank you for sharing."

3. Charlotte Whitfield & Valentina Mi Amor – "you look like a wonderful partnership. Memories to treasure forever."

4. Hannah Bunting & Leaf – "an absolutely heart-warming picture of you both."

5. Cara Martin & Duey – "I love all the different things you do together. Happy pony, happy owner."

6. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow – "your smile says it all."

7. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley – "just beautiful."

8. Gemma Johnson & Truly – "a perfect match. I love the foal picture."

9. Olivia Billinge with Rocky & Dusty – "the cutest memory. They both look so inquisitive!"

10. Samantha Johnson & Archie – "loved seeing how you built his trust."


Hannah O’Fearghail-Cogburn & HRO Dukhan – "your memories really made me smile."

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 17 - At Liberty

Judge's comments: "So many lovely photos. It was very hard to decide. Well done all"

1. Riley Boyes & Stella

2. Steph Mussmann & Siglavy Aga

3. Jess Morton & Scribble

4. Brianna Rankins & Modern Melody

5. Tilly Rowlands & Talebolion Dolly

6. Poppy-May Fulwood & Raven Lunatic

7. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride

8. Amber Docwra & Dougie

9. Hazel Carter & Dancer

10. Silvia Cibinel & Astutillo Cricchetto

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 18 - Best Transport Photo kindly sponsored by Artistic Atticus

1. Jasmine Petty & Lady Tella

2. Anneliese Havel & Lonneke

3. Georgie Rooney & Marco

4. Julie Williams & Woody

5. Leanne Harrison with Pepper & Sally

6. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

7. Amber Scutchings & Storm

8. Olivia Billinge & Bobby Shaft

9. Farrah Maguire with Echo & Diego

10. Jade Oakey & Dori

Well done. Sponsor voucher to 1st, please contact Artistic Atticus directly to claim.

Class 19 - Lovely Landscapes kindly sponsored by Papercuts by Hannah

Judge’s comments: “a beautiful collection of photos! It’s so fun living vicariously through your photos! Well done to everyone, and if the winner would like to pop me a message regarding their prize, that would be fab!”

1. Lydia Wood & Poppy – “I just love the simplicity, and the composition of this photo! It’s a lovely photo, in a beautiful landscape! Well done!”

2. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride – “wow!! That landscape is incredible! A very close second!”

3. Rosie Gilbert & Old Jake – “a beautiful boy in such a stunning landscape! It makes me want to travel in the UK again very soon!"

4. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby – “what a cracking view to have on a hack! And a gorgeous pair of ears to view it through too!”

5. Hannah Cornford & Wild Exmoor – “a gorgeous photo, that pony is such a poser! And what a stunning background!”

6. Jac Trytsman (mounted photo) – “what an incredible landscape! You are SO lucky to have ridden here!”

7. Julie Morgil & Harry – “this photo is lovely, shows off Australia (I think?!) beautifully, as well as your gorgeous horses!”

8. Cara Martin & Duey – “a stunning sunset beautifully captured, with the lovely Duey looking on!”

9. Tiffany Pugh & Goldie – “a gorgeous horse and such a lovely landscape behind him/her!”

10. Louzanna Rajah & Jak’s No Fool – “there’s nothing better than a through the ears photo, and the view between Jak’s ears is lovely!”

Well done. Papercuts by Hannah voucher to 1st, please contact Hannah's page directly to claim.

Class 20 - Recovery Stories

Judge’s comments: “When I chose this class, I knew it was going to be tricky to judge, but I really had no idea! Your horse’s (and in some cases, your own) recoveries have all been incredible, and a credit to you as equestrians. Every single one has been so strong, and the love they’ve been given is so obvious. I’m so sorry I couldn’t place all 12 of you. Well done to all of you – on top of the winner’s voucher, each of you is eligible for a voucher to be used against one of my personalised papercut baubles of your miracles, so if you’d like to claim it, please pop my page a message!”

1. Sarah Washington & Lucian – “I remember reading your story Sarah, and your recovery and your partnership with Lucian are inspiring. Keep on going, and keep on smiling, because you’re amazing!”

2. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow – “your care and love for Bu is so clear, and seeing you back in the saddle enjoying life together is heartwarming!”

3. Riley Boyes & Stella – “that accident sounds awful Riley! I’m so glad that you’ve got back in the saddle though, and continued to grow together and help each other heal!”

4. Cara Martin & Duey – “oh Cara, you saved Duey! What an amazing story, and what a credit he is to you! He looks so so happy (as do you!)”

5. Emme McAteer & Remmy D – “that injury sounds horrific! What an awful start, but it looks like you’re back on track and have built a fabulous relationship!”

6. Hazel Carter & Dancer – “you and Dancer clearly have an incredible relationship, and I’m so glad you’ve helped him rediscover his life for life!”

7. Amber Scutchings & Oakley – “what an amazing rescue story! Well done for nursing him back to health after such a traumatic experience!”

8. Hannah O’Fearghail-Cogburn & HRO Dukhan – “Dukhan is such a beautiful boy, I’m so sorry he had to go through such an awful experience, but how amazing his care must have been to make him fully sound. Well done!”

9. Leanne Harrison & Sally – “what a gorgeous girl she is, and how wonderful that she’s back in work!”

10. Amber Rayner & The Belfry Boy – “Charlie is a beautiful boy, and I’m so happy to hear he’s got through cancer and it loving life now!”

Well done. Papercuts by Hannah voucher to 1st, please contact Hannah's page directly to claim.

Class 21 - Perfect Portraits kindly sponsored by Rose Creations

Judge's comments: "This was extremely difficult so many beautiful pictures in this class everyone deserves a place so many pictures for the wall. We'll done every one it was such a pleasure yet again "

1. Olivia Billinge & Summer - "This face she's absolutely gorgeous!!"

2. Caterina Casatelli & Nelson - "Stunning picture"

3. Jasmine Saunders & Tardebigge Limited Edition - "lovely picture, definitely one for the wall"

4. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

5. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

6. Melody Harrowven & Kaide

7. Siobhan Humphries & Ballyferris

8. Scarlett Palmer & Lyra

9. Elly Piggott & Harvey

10. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby


Naomi Harrowven & Maisie - "she is absolutely beautiful with such a loving face"

Well done. Rose Creations voucher to 1st. Please join the above group and send Shauni a message to claim.

Class 22 - Sleeping Beauties

1. Brianna Black & Charity

2. Bethany Wheatley-Simmons & Shyla

3. Harriet Jacobs & Theodore

4. Kierney Freeman & Trycoeds Morning Mist

5. Sarah Beveridge & Sir Archibold

6. Sarah Mules with Splash & Hugo

7. Scarlett Palmer & Lyra

8. Olivia Billinge & Outstrip

9. Louzanna Rajah & Jak’s No Fool

10. Caroline Roberts with Oberon & Evelyn

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 23 - Newcomers

1. Briony Nelson & Truway Manikin

2. Annabel Mackay & Valerock Harris

3. Amber Docwra & Sean

4. Caitlyn Ferguson & Jack

5. Jac Trytsman & Bless

6. Zoe Nicholls & Non Essential

7. Lily Tyers Hunter & Manordeilo Caroline

8. Jac Trytsman & Rakuti

9. Donna Merrick & Swiftbrook Ulterior Motive

10. Tilly Fitzthum & Lily

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 24 - Best Calendar Shot: January kindly sponsored by Austin's Painted Eeyore

Judge's comments: "Such a lovely class to judge! Austin enjoyed seeing everyone's surroundings from all the different locations! Well done, everyone!"

1. Jessica Graeph & Apache Sunrise

2. Cara Martin & Duey

3. Jasmine Petty & Lady Tella

4. Steph Mussmann & Siglavy Aga

5. Grace Turner & Jaycob

6. Farrah Maguire & Echo

7. Kathryn Legg with Baz & Henry

8. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

9. Lynn Carter with Chutney & Elwood

10. Isabelle Beach & Ramblewood Golden Girl

Well done. Sash to 1st.

Class 25 - January: Photo of the Month

1. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia - “Just wow! The dedication to this show was really summed up in one photo! A brilliant reflection of the past year. Well done! A very special horse.”

2. Jessica Graef & Apache Sunrise

3. Steph Mussmann & Siglavy Aga

4. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

5. Brianna Rankins & Modern Melody

6. Lydia Wood & Poppy

7. Katie Sales & Kingsmeadowhouse Lomu

8. Naomi Harrowven & Zyra

9. Louzanna Rajah & Jack’s No Fool

10. Jonna Landen & Iris

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 26 - January: Horse of the Month kindly sponsored by Papercuts by Hannah

Judge’s comment: “What a lovely class to judge this month! I’d love to offer both first and second a prize, as both really made me smile! Well done everyone, if the top two would like to pop me a message regarding their prize, that would be fab!”

1. Alina Prokopenko & Lanehouse Yankee – “this collage made me smile, what a fab month you’ve had together!”

2. Siobhan Humphries & Ballyferris – “oh this made me smile so much, January has been a big month for you and Ballyferris!”

3. Louzanna Rajah & Jak’s No Fool – “what a handsome boy! You’ve had a busy month!”

4. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow – “what a gorgeous girl she is!”

5. Jasmine Petty & Lady Tella – “a collage full of memories, I love it!”

6. Poppy-May Fulwood & Raven Lunatic – “a lovely collage of the two of you, you both look very happy!”

7. Lucia Slatcher & Frankie – “another fab collage of memories from January”

8. Jade Oakey & Dori – “a lovely photo of the two of you”

9. Amber Docwra & Dougie – “another busy month as a lovely partnership”

10. Diane Gander & Mountain Ash – “it looks like you’ve had a lot of fun this month!”

Well done. Papercuts by Hannah voucher to 1st, please contact Hannah's page directly to claim.

Class 27 - The Judge's Choice

1. Lynn Carter & Elwood

2. Jessica Graef & Apache Sunrise

3. Dana Gander & Mountain Ash

4. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

5. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride

6. Tilly Rowlands & Talebolion Dolly

7. Bethany Wheatley-Simmons & Shyla

8. Leanne Harrison & Pepper

9. Amber Schutchings & Storm

10. Annelise Havel & Little Man

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 28 - Best Trick

Judge's comments: "Wow! All your equines are so talented. It was very hard to choose an order. Well done all."

1. Jess Barraclough & Bridgehampton

2. Kez Dainty & Zigzag

3. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

4. Tiffany Nietzke & Cabernet

5. Jessica Merrick & Mix it Up

6. Polly Shutler & Winmark Rough Diamond

7. Caitlyn Ferguson & Jack

8. Monica Kinnumen & Rhodonia

9. Ellie Walsh & Storm

10. Amber Scutching & Storm

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 29 - Best Bareback Shot

Judge's comments: "What a great class to judge. Some truly spectacular bareback shots."

1. Hazel Carter & Fidget Pie – "a fantastic jump with a stunning backdrop."

2. Libby Roberts & Bella – "a perfect partnership shot from a great angle."

3. Ellie Walsh & Storm – "a perfect pose from you both!"

4. Ellie Proffitt & Snowflake – "perfect trust between horse and rider using just a headcollar."

5. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby – "an enchanting picture."

6. Bethany Thomas & Eyecon – "a skilful bareback jump."

7. Farrah Maguire & Echo – "a beautiful picture of a special bond."

8. Polly Shutler – "perfect balance and a lovely backdrop."

9. Steph Mussmann & Siglavy Aga – "horse and rider in perfect harmony."

10. Lydia Wood & Poppy – "a wonderfully relaxed shot of you both."

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 30 - Say Cheese

Judge's comments: "This class was extremely difficult to judge and I went back and forth over it for ages. I would have placed you all if possible."

1. Mylee Garrod & Luke - "I loved this photo, it's brilliant and so funny"

2. Cara Martin & Rolley - "absolutely brilliant!"

3. Polly Shutler - "those lips made me laugh"

4. Samantha Johnson & Archie

5. Kez Dainty & Samson

6. Briony Nelson & Truway & Manikin

7. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

8. Rachel King & Callie

9. Kierney Freeman & Trycoeds Minx

10. Beaux Harford & King James


Kez Dainty & Zigzag

Gianna Sen & Finn

Gemma Johnson & Boris - "I love the moustache"

Well done. Prize to 1st.

Class 31 - Funny Faces

Judge's comments: "This class, without fail, will always make you laugh the entire way through the album. The free class is never an easy task to judge, the variety of images is so wide, and the quality is always so, so high. I really do wish everyone could place as each individual entry is thoroughly deserving. With that said here are my top 10"

1. Amber Scutchings & Storm

2. Emma Sansom & Moveen River

3. Rachel King & Callie

4. Naomi Harrowven & Toby

5. Brianna Rankins & Modern Melody

6. Brittany Elliot & Ellico Park Kaer Morhen

7. Georgie Rooney & Marco

8. Shannon Kelley & Keta

9. Siobhan Humphries & Ballyferris

10. Scarlett Palmer & Lyra

Well done.

Class 32 - Everyone's a Winner

Please note: all entries in this class will be awarded a rosette, though only the top 10 will be placed.

1. Alina Prokopenko & Lanehouse Yankee - "Sheer confusion on your horse's face. love it. Great model, and great capture. Well done."

2. Silvia Cibinel & Astutillo Cricchetto

3. Lucy Lisney & Megan

4. Annabelle Beach & Ramblewood in Colour

5. Emilia Elliot & Elite Prophecy of Durin

6. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

7. Mandy Tunbridge & Fred

8. Jessica Merrick & Mix It Up

9. Sharon Saunders

10. Amber Docwra & Dougie

Well done. £5 entry credit for February awarded to 1st, please email to claim.

Class 33 - Second Chance

Judge's comments: "Great to see everyone taking advantage of this class. For those of you who do not know, for every 2 paid -or entries that do not place Class 1-30, you'll be eligible to enter this class for free! With that being said, wow that was difficult. We haven't ever had so many people in this class before so putting just 6 down on paper wasn't an easy task. Here are my top 6: "

1. Jac Trytsman & Rakuti

2. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride

3. Tracey Stead & Stoney Lake Hound Dog

4. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia (Rosettes)

5. Scarlett Palmer & Lyra (Hug)

6. April Hennessy & Vegas (Bareback)

Well done.












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U.K standard postage is included in your entry price.

From our April 2022 show, a new international postage cost has been implemented. All international competitors will be invoiced for the exact weight and size of their parcels. Please remember that postage payment is required to be completed before any parcels are shipped.

If any competitor wishes to UPGRADE to a faster or different service, please email me directly.


  • We can ship via "International Economy" which offers minimal cover if the parcel is lost or damaged, and can take 3 months to arrive.

  • We can ship via "International Standard" which covers up to a loss of £20 in value.

  • We can ship "International Tracked" which covers up to a loss of £50 value which is recommended for rosette wins of 6 or more.

Parcels are marked as gifts, but the value of each rosette is £3. This allows parcels to be covered for rosette costs should we need to reorder them (up to the value of provided cover).

It is the competitor's responsibility to cover any customs costs that may occur.

If you would prefer your parcel shipped by another company please let us know as soon as possible.



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