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What is an Online Horse Show? (2023)

With the 2020 lockdowns, Online Horse Showing became quite popular. Many entrants from around the world flocked to take part in online showing, winning rosettes and prizes and having them shipped directly to their doors without needing to go through the show day stress. This became an instant hit. Here is what you need to know about equestrian showing online.

What is horse showing online?

what is an online horse show

Online horse showing is a web-based horse photo showing platform that allows competitors from all around the globe to participate against one another.

Taking horse shows online allows everyone the freedom to compete. Whether this is from home or using old images they already own, anybody can take part in a variety of horse showing classes.

How do you enter Online Horse Shows?

To enter online horse shows, you should:

  • Find the website's entry page.

  • Online Horse Showing's entry page can be found here.

  • View the class schedule and read the full criteria.

  • Select the classes you wish to enter and find your most suitable images.

  • Upload your photos, and input the handler and horse's names.

  • Add the entry to your bag.

  • To enter multiple images go back to the schedule and repeat the above.

  • Select go to checkout and input your postal and payment details.

  • Once the entry has been completed, sit back and wait for the results.

  • Online Horse Showing's results page can be found here.

In other horse showing news, January 2023 Online Horse Show results are now live, in addition to the 2023 Horse of the Season and the 2023 horse showing points league for January - June.

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