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Online Horse Showing: April Results

Find the full April 2024 Online Horse Showing competition results here.

horse show online

Online Horse Showing brings the thrill of horse shows right to your doorstep through a unique online platform where images serve as the point for competition. This global platform enables participants to enter shows and compete from the comfort of their homes.

You are currently viewing the page for the April 2024 Online Horse Showing results. You can access the full results, judge's comments, and direct links to our April class sponsors here.

Winners must directly contact the sponsors using the provided links to claim any prizes offered.

Online Horse Showing will automatically send out any rosettes and prizes, eliminating the need for winners to claim these items. International winners will receive a postal invoice before their rosettes are dispatched.

Any winners of free entries or entry credits for future shows must claim them by the end of the following show month (May 2024). You can do this easily through our website.



horse show online
Judge's comments: "This was a tough one, I went back and forth on my placings for a while! Lots of very shiny, well groomed and conditioned horses in this class, you all should be proud of the work and care you put into them!"

1. Charlotte Burrows & Eric - “nothing prettier than a shiny bay! Very well kept and conditioned horse.”

2. Ava Wilden & Ludo - “Ludo looks incredible for 29! Lovely healthy shine to his coat, well done!”

3. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo - “look at the dapples on Haribo’s coat, stunning!”

4. Jessica Leek & Benji - “another beautiful shiny bay in excellent condition.”

5. Skye O’Brien & Snoopy

6. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

7. Jessie Jefferson & Glantraeth Just The Tonic

8. Lauren Saulnier & Marlie

9. Molly Worboyes & Pixie

10. Charlotte Chambers & Jakeman


Jess Davidson & Berrie

Millie Davidson & Ruby

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 2 specials. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Vanessa Baker & Rocker

2. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

3. Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie

4. Naomi Silk & Chloe

5. Colleen Jackson & Melody

6. Lucy Walker & Dillian

7. Scarlet Habbishaw & Tiffany

8. Chloe Shortland & May

9. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

10. Annalise Purcell & Geronimo


Vanessa Baker & Nova

Sam Prior & Bear

Summer Richmond & Fudge

Jamie-Lee Owen & Cherry

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 4 specials. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "All such lovely young horses, I would love to see how they grow up! There is a nice variety of activities shown in this class, from playing in the field to groundwork to tacking up and backing. Well done all!"

1. Vanessa Baker & Helix

2. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje

3. Danielle Wood & Ryker

4. Tracey Cattermole & Olivia

5. Skye O’Brien & Kash

6. Annalee Jones & Ruari

7. Laura McCutcheon & Dennis

8. Sally Holder & Pigbush Zeus

9. Lacey Mae & Boris

10. Grace Keates & Milo

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "Having a welshie of my own this was such a beautiful yet hard class to judge!!"

1. Rebecca Mogie & Pantydwr Romeo - "what an amazing pair it looks like you two have so much fun!! And he’s absolutely stunning"

2. Arabela Whitby & Yarrandale Ankie - "You have to teach me your secrets on those crisp white legs!! Beautiful pair!"

3. Chelsea Thornton & Scarlett - "what a talented little pony you have! Lovely photos"

4. Lacey Mae & Boris - "oh boris every side is your good side! You are extremely handsome"

5. Jessie Jefferson & Glantraeth Just the Tonic - "Wow what a stunner! Beautiful stamp of a Welsh D"

6. Emma Rennison & RS Felledge Ronan - "What a beautiful colour he is and so striking! Love the trust he has in you as well"

7. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo - "I am totally mesmerised by those dapples!!"

8. Jo Thompson with Ava & Marli - "Truly a girls best friend this little pony is! Such a sweet pair and a stunning little pony"

9. Seraphina Demetriou & Fredi - "Fredi you are one of the cutest little ponies I’ve ever seen! But I have a feeling behind the cuteness you are super cheeky!"

10. Jasmine Petty & Cookie - "what a stunner! You have done amazing job of getting them looking incredible at the show!"


Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen - "What a lovely group of photos and you look like such the perfect pair! The shiny coat and dapples as well are to die for! A lovely bond you both have"

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "Such a lovely group of TB's and TB crosses to choose from! The entries in this class did a great job highlighting the versatility, power, beauty, & athleticism of the breed -- well done to all!"

1. Nicole Arent & Rushin a Hurry

2. Riley Boyes & Callie

3. Vanessa Baker & Rocker

4. Tatiana Liistro & Golden Jester

5. Codie Heard & Capuchins Cabidae

6. Naomi Silk & Chloe

7. Georgia Hutchings & Passing Nod

8. Annalise Purcell & Counterfire

9. Amelia Ferguson & Jessie

10. Liberty Bramley & Roy

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Georgie Rooney & Marco - "immaculately turned out and presented"

2. Summer Richmond & Moonshine Myrtle - "a lovely collage showing fun in the show ring"

3. Emma Blinston with Zayn & Austin - "beautifully turned out and very cute!"

4. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

5. Ellie Anderson & Midsummers Nights Blues

6. Chelsea Thornton & Schootje

7. Jessie Jefferson & Glanthraeth Just The Tonic

8. Natalie Haeusgen & Carino

9. Erica Milestone & Blue

10. Vanessa Baker & Nova

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "Well done all, a super effort from everyone. Remember that it's not the size of the jump, but the most effective combinations that take the rosettes in this class. It's good to see people having fun, whatever stage of learning you're at (and we never stop learning!) 3 key things to work on: 1) Try not to over-fold, it won't make your horse jump higher! 2) Focus on keeping your lower leg secure to help with balance 3) Keep the horse moving forwards positively so you don't end up ahead of the movement."

1. Vanessa Baker & Rocker - "lovely, forward thinking horse. Rider has a secure lower leg and soft hand - well done"

2. Hannah Bunting & Leaf - "a connected combination with rider giving the horse a balanced, positive ride to help Leaf over the fence"

3. Charlotte Burrows & Eric - "sweet horse that looks like he tries hard for you"

4. Mika Paphitou & Super Mario - "what a lovely chap! This looks like a happy and effective combination"

5. Aimee Penfold & Boo - "good jump, rider looks positive, relaxed and happy. Good job Aimee - keep it up"

6. Ruby Thompson & Prancer - "lovely soft hands Ruby, well done"

7. Molly Worboyes & Willow - "What an effort from Willow - they've got a great ping!"

8. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony - "a good, secure rider's position - well done

9. Emma Cooper & Gem - beautiful mare looking engaged and relaxed"

10. Kyla Milestone & Blue - "cute pony! Blue looks like super fun"


Ciara Black & Nellie

Daniella Pingarelli & Merlin

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 2 specials. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Sarah Egan & Jimmy - “A beautifully presented horse with clean condition and overall health. The athleticism and agility related from this is clear to see- a real wow factor. well done!”

2. Sam Prior & Bear - “This was an incredibly close second. Outstandingly presented with such a fine eye for detail, you should be very very proud.”

3. Georgie Rooney & Marco

4. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje

5. Lauren Saulnier & Marlie

6. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

7. Chloe Shortland & Angel

8. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

9. Chelsea Thornton & Schoontje

10. Ellie Anderson & Midsummers Nights Blues

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Aimee Alefounder & Stanley

2. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

3. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

4. Alfie Young & Rex

5. Natalia Kuzma & Riley

6. Summer Richmond & Moonshine Myrtle

7. Brianna Black & Charity

8. Vanessa Baker & Nova

9. Alexa Kavanagh with Harry & Trixie

10. Sophie Lee & Merlin


Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe

Nicole Arent & Bay

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge’s comments: “I don’t know why I choose these classes because they are always so tricky to judge! This was definitely a good class to make use of the collage option if you have enough photos, so you can show off a few different aspects of why your horse is special! Thank you to everyone who entered, and I really am sorry to everyone who didn’t place – your horses are no less special! I would like to offer everyone who entered (whether you placed or not) a discount on one of my personalised heart baubles, so if you’d like to claim this or find out more information, please pop me a message before the end of May! And finally, if the winner would like to pop me a message regarding the class prize, that would be fab!”

1. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar’s Painted Puzzle – “what an unbelievably stunning mare she is, and I would hazard a guess that she is extra special as she reminds you of your other heart horse, Painted Pleasure. What a lovely collage of photos of a beautiful pair”

2. Cara Martin & Jack – “what a beautiful tribute to such a handsome and special old man! He really has been your rock, and I can see from the photos the bond you share is special”

3. Nicole Arent & Rushin a Harry – “oh was a gorgeous pair you are! Huge kudos to your photographer for capturing the love you share so beautifully! And what a special bond you have, just beautiful to see!”

4. Jasmine Davy & Pillheath Speculator – “what a long and exciting partnership you shared! I can tell he had a huge impact on your life, and I am sure he is sorely missed”

5. Kylie Kelln & Vegas – “this is a lovely simple collage of the two of you, showing you building that bond – it’s so nice seeing you both happy and enjoying the beautiful scenery together”

6. Daniella Pingarelli & Merlin – “this is clearly such a special pony, and the photos show off everything you get up to together, as well as your love for him – beautiful!”

7. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley – “I know that Boo came into your life at a really difficult time, and these photos highlight the wonderful partnership and memories you share”

8. Georgie Rooney & Marco – “oh the handsome Marco, what a dude! He is clearly very special to you, and these photos show the fun you’ve had together”

9. Codie Heard & Capuchins Cabidae – “a fabulous collage of beautiful photos showing a very special relationship between the two of you”

10. London Hughes & Thunder – “what a handsome boy Thunder is! Across two collages I can see how loved and how special he is!”


Holly Millns & Alfie Moon – “ a lovely collection of photos celebrating a beautiful horse who was clearly very special and very loved. Beautiful”

Sophie Lee & Merlin – “the bottom right photo is just gorgeous, that was the one that really caught my eye, but all of them show the memories you share beautifully!”

Isobel Cooke & Alaska – “what a gorgeous pony Alaska is, and this is a lovely collection of photos showing the trust you share”

Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe – “what a beautiful story – so lovely that you found your Joe! And what a character he is, I bet he keep you on your toes!”

Aimee Alefounder & Stanley – “I love this collage of photos, as it shows your bond beautifully. What a lovely pair”

Vanessa Baker & Tom – “what a beautiful boy Tom was, and to reach 42 is just a huge credit to you”

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 6 specials. PCBH voucher to 1st, please contact Hannah's page to claim.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "What an amazing very large class to judge! Some brilliant pairings and memories captured! I would say to improve your changes, keep an eye on your cropping of images. Improvements can be made by shaving off the edges or removing background clutter. Well Done everyone "

1. Cara Martin & Rolley - "This partnership stood out like no other. The love Rolley horse has for his little human is incredible and you can see that through each image. Beautiful!"

2. Amelie Belle Hill & Stanley - "The innocence captured here is wonderful. A very cute little match."

3. Lauren Brazell & Whopper - "Whopper seems like the most perfect

gentlemen! It takes a good partnership to work with a size like him."

4. Tracey Cattermole & Olivia - "How do you tell them apart?!? What fun they seem to be having! Love the natural photo’s."

5. Jodie Kerr with Millie & Grandad - "A heartwarming photo. So lovely to see all age groups enjoying these beautiful creatures."

6. Alfie Young & Rex - "Never grow up Alfie! A beautiful little pair."

7. Emma Blinston with Zayn & Jimmy - "I fear Zayn may be stealing Jimmy soon! Mum may need a new horse!"

8. Shanald Bagdalti with Wensum Big Joe & Rosie - "What an awesome way to play the matchy, matchy game! Big Joe and Rosie seem very well suited!"

9. Aimee Penfold & Boo - "A really, beautiful photo, great composition and a little twinning going on!"

10. Bella Craggs with Bonnie, Holly & Lulu - "Brilliantly laid out photo, horses and riders look super relaxed and ready for some fun!"


Lauren Saulnler & Marlie - "Freedom, love and fun! Stunning!"

Darci Young & Jessie J - "Perfect framing of the rainbow!"

Jessica Leek With Benji & Prince - "These two seem like a fun pair to live with!"

Addison Krueger & Gracie - "Beautiful representation of a perfect friendship"

Charlotte Chambers with Tilly, Jakeman & Rico - "What a fun spirited Duo! Great work!"

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 5 specials. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "This was a really hard class to judge. Such stunning horses and ponies and everyone really does know how to capture the best angles!"

1. Jess Morton & Doonmoy Misty - “a really beautiful photo with just the right pop of colour.”

2. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry - “the golden eye from the sunlight really does stand out.”

3. Lia Jones & Sonny Jim - “a lot of love is shown in this photo. A beautiful pony with the cutest face!”

4. Nicole Arent & Rushin a Hurry - “the cheeky tongue captures this horses personality perfectly.”

5. Chelsea Thornton & Schoontje

6. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

7. Cara Martin & Duey

8. Amber Scutchings & Storm

9. Catherine Herbert & Totems Rock

10. Codie Heard & Capuchins Cabidae


Tatiana Liistro & Gilden Jester

Kate Tubbs with Courtney & Frank

Peggy Decker & Cinnabar’s Painted Puzzle

Jodie Kerr & Millie

Kiera Middleton & Ruby

Charlotte Burrows & Eric

Lauren Saulnier & Marlie

Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen

Elsie Healy & Princess Pea

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 9 specials. First prize - Sash & £5 CharmingHooves voucher. Please could 1st place contact CharmingHooves regarding the voucher.


horse show online

1. Darcie Owen Morrell & Luna - "The contrast of the dark clouds and the red setting sun is spectacular."

2. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe - "A breathtaking shot of the sun setting over a beach. "

3. Hannah Sales & Freddie - "Freddie looks like he’s admiring the view too. So pretty."

4. Georgie Rooney & Marco - "the glorious colour of the sky really caught my eye in this amazing shot. "

5. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry - "Harry’s ears blend in beautifully with the autumn colours."

6. Seren Rowe & Patrick - "So great to see a double rainbow and I love your shadow too. "

7. Maddie Davies & Blondie - "The cloudless sky is stunning. "

8. Summer Richmond & Moonshine Myrtle - " I love the colours here- lilac ears and a field of sun yellow flowers."

9. Lacey Mae & Shimmer - "Beautiful palomino ears contrasted against a range of autumn colours. "

10. Colleen Jackson & Bee - "Such an interesting shot of the striped lighthouse. Loving the mane too."


Mia Harker & Alfie

Natalie Haeusgent & Carino

Emma Cooper & Gem

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

2. Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen

3. Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie

4. Abby Riddles & Blaze

5. Emma Cooper & Samson

6. Chloe Shortland & Angel

7. Sophie Wilkinson & Red

8. Abbie Wheeler & Storm Kenzo

9. Jo Thompson with Ava & Marli

10. Ella Cook & Bobby


Holly Parkes & Indi

Helen Walford & Mini

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 2 specials. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

CLASS NOTE: If you have paid for 2 or more entries but didn't place in this class you will automatically be issued a small token rosette.

1. Lia Jones & Sonny Jim

2. Tracey Cattermole & Olivia

3. Tiegan Freemantle & Willow

4. Ela Jones & Ronnie

5. Maddi Davies & Blondie

6. Evie Mcmanus & Izzy

7. Erica Milestone & Blue

8. Aimee Alefounder & Stanley

9. Abbie Wheeler & Storm Kenzo

10. Codie Heard & Capuchins Cabidae


Sarah Egan & Jimmy

Courtney Morrison & Ironhorse Black Opal

Zara Brannock & Oso

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 3 specials. AA voucher to 1st, please contact Aritsitc Atticus's page to claim.


horse show online

1. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle - "such a lovely photo, really captures the bond you have with your horse. I love how your dress matches the scenery!"

2. Lindsey Walczak with Tallulah & Sly - "such a gorgeous photo - again capturing the bond between pony & human. Looks like a very special moment!"

3. Emma Blinston with Zayn & Austin - "such a cute photo! Love to see both the child & pony so happy together!"

4. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin - "very cute photo, love how your ponies tongue is out! Looks like good fun!"

5. Zaklina Pinkiewicz & Edward - "looks like a very good bond between horse & human!"

6. Isobel Cooke & Dolly - "again such a special moment captured with a special bond between the two of you!"

7. Julia Torres & Marty - "lovely spring photo with a gorgeous horse!"

8. Jess Morton & Doonmoy Misty - "a special moment captured between horse & rider! I do love a grey!"

9. Ruby Sadler & Faye - "lovely to see such trust between the two of you!"

10. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe - "lovely spring photo!"


Alexa Kavanagh with Harry & Trixie

Riley Boyes & Callie

Skye O’Brien & Finn

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Natalie Haeusgen & Carino

2. Vanessa Baker & Rocker

3. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje

4. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

5. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

6. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie

7. Lucy Walker & Ziggy

8. Millie Davidson & Ruby

9. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

10. Tyler Turner & Dusty


Aimee Alefounder & Stanley

Ava Wilden & Marli

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th & 2 specials. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "Austin loved seeing what everyone's environment is like in April! He drooled (and was a little jealous) over all the lush green grass! I had to remind him he was judging calendar shots ... not just grass quality! LOL. All are so very lovely. It was difficult for him to choose just 10. Well done!"

1. Julia Torres & Marty

2. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

3. Ross Watson & Mini

4. Billy Joe Howe & Pumpkin

5. Codie Heard & Capuchan's Cabidae

6. Lindsey Walczak with Tallulah & Sly

7. Carole Needham & Owain

8. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe

9. Amber Skutchings & Skylar

10. Serene Rowe & Patrick

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. £5.00 OHS entry credit to 1st, please email to claim.


horse show online
This class is free with 2 x paid-for entries each month. The class changes regularly so don't forget to claim your entry when you enter.

1. Jessica Leek & Benji

2. Lauren Brazell & Whopper

3. Seren Rowe & Patrick

4. Ela Jones & Ronnie

5. Scarlet Stokes & April Thunder

6. Holly Lemmon with Badger & Biscuit

7. Renee C. Miller & My Saving Grace

8. Keira Middleton with Benny & Mogley

9. Vanessa Baker & Nike

10. Jack Wilden & Jack

Well done everyone. Rosettes 1st - 10th.


horse show online

This class is free with every 2 x paid-for entries that did not place. Should this happen to you be sure to claim your FREE second chance!

1. Colleen Jackson & Bee

2. Jackie Franzia & Bootleg

3. Ellie Anderson & Midsummers Nights Blues

4. Jasmine Alston & Sprite

5. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo

6. Keira Middleton & Ruby

Well done everyone. Rosettes 1st - 6th.



RING 1 CHAMPION: Vanessa Baker & Rocker

RING 1 RESERVE CHAMPION: Arabela Whitby & Yarrandale Ankie

RING 2 CHAMPION: Cara Martin & Jack

RING 2 RESERVE CHAMPION: Lindsey Walczak with Tallulah & Sly

SUPREME CHAMPION: Lindsey Walczak with Tallulah & Sly



We will issue postal invoices within two weeks of the show closing. These invoices must be settled promptly to facilitate the dispatch of your items.

For participants in the U.K., we offer 2nd class standard postage at no additional charge. U.K entrants have the option to upgrade to Tracked 24hr or Tracked 48hr upon request. You will be invoiced accordingly.

For our international participants, shipping costs will be calculated based on the precise dimensions and weight of your parcel. It is important to complete the payment for shipping before we can proceed with dispatching your parcel.

Should any competitor wish to opt for a quicker or alternative delivery method, please contact me directly at

Shipping Options:

  • "International Economy" shipping is available, providing limited protection in cases of loss or damage. Please note, that delivery can take up to three months.

  • "International Standard" shipping offers compensation for losses up to £20.

    • We use this service as a standard.

  • "International Tracked" Perfect for those who have won 5 or more rosettes, protecting losses up to £50. Should the value of your wins surpass £50, we will enhance the coverage to £250.

  • "Signed For" Depending on postal regulations in certain areas, this option might be the sole upgrade choice.

All parcels will be labelled as gifts, with each rosette valued at £3.50, ensuring coverage for the cost of rosettes in the event of remaking, within the limits of the chosen insurance cover.

Participants are responsible for any customs fees incurred.

If you prefer a different courier service, please inform us immediately.

Important: International shipping will incur additional costs beyond your entry fee, upgrading will ensure that your prizes reach you safely and securely.


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