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Online Horse Showing: October 2023 Results

You will find a full list of the Online Horse Showing October 2023 results here.

horse show online

Online Horse Showing is a horse show online that is judged on photographs. Entrants can compete against each other worldwide without having to leave the comfort of their own sofa.

This is the Online Horse Showing results page for October 2023. You can find all results, judges' comments, and links directly to our sponsors on this page.

Please remember that any prizes won via our equestrian showing sponsors must be claimed by messaging them directly. You can click the links attached to each class, which will take you directly to the sponsors' pages.

Rosettes and prizes supplied via Online Horse Showing will be sent directly from us, there is no requirement to claim these.

Any free entries & entry credits won MUST be claimed before the end of the following show month (November 2023.) In order to claim your free entries, please use our system via the website.



horse show online
Judge's comments: "Well done to all entrants! In general; make use of collages where possible, that way you can show off more of your horse. Also, if the class criteria advise you on a good side image without tack, please do so! It really helps us judges assess the horse. "

1. Chelsea Thornton & Hit Now

2. Lindsey Walczak & Ollie

3. Skye Murray & Polo

4. Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny

5. Fen Garrard & Just Mary

6. Fynn Tudor & Eden

7. Jess Barraclough & Aythorpe Flyer

8. Danielle Russell & Taj

9. Kelly Outram & Broadgate Secret Siren

10. Holly Ryan & Texas Lone Ranger

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Hannah Bunting & Leaf – "such enthusiasm from Leaf, clearly having a wonderful time and trying really hard for you."

2. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride – "love seeing different activities and the large logs are so good for them to step over"

3. Charlotte Lush-Olden & Pippa – "well done for doing poles without a saddle and a lovely position!"

4. Nicky Lush & Harry

5. Tia Coade & Apolllo

6. Claudia Bittner & Chester

7. Riley Boyes & Callie

8. Evie Bayfield & Marble

9. Maddie Tye & Biba

10. Vicky Hardwick-Woolley & Lily

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "I know lots of judges say they had a hard time picking a winner, but I have never meant it more than with this class! I want to start by saying that everyone who entered made me smile, it is so nice to see young kids outside having a blast with their ponies and I hope that they maintain their enthusiasm as they grow up. Whether you placed or not, give yourselves and your ponies a big pat on the back!"

1. Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny - "Seeing everything that you and your pony get up to, the skill level in a rider so young and the smile on your face all the time filled me with joy. Absolutely wonderful to see!"

2. Emma Scott & Cookie - "A talented little rider loving on and caring for their horse - exactly what I want to see in the world! "

3. Hazel Steele with Izzy & Jet - "Looking at this collection makes me think of the books I used to read as a kid and how badly I wanted to be those characters. I can just picture the stories that go with each of these photos - lovely collage!"

4. Brittany Elliot with Emilia & Tinkerbelle - "A big smile and learning to ride at just 3 years old! A nice variety of age-appropriate skills shown here, well done. "

5. Natalie Keane with Betsy & Bambi - "You can really see the love Betsy has for Bambi coming through in this photo. She looks confident and ready to take on the world! "

6. Lindsey Walczak with Tallulah & Scotty - "Everything about this collage screams personality - if she is anything like her pictures, I can't wait to see her out on cross country! "

7. Cara Martin with Katie & Rolley - "I'll bet you get up to a lot of adventures, every picture is somewhere else! Enjoy!"

8. Mia Middleton & Pompeii

9. Charlotte Lush-Olden with Scarlotte, Pippa & Flash

10. Alice Sherman with Frankie & Gino

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Georgie Rooney & Marco - “Both members of this eye pleasing partnership appear turned out to a high and correct level which ultimately compliments one another. It’s clear to see the hours of hard work that’s gone in to producing this all round winning team. Well done”

2. Brittany Elliott & Samarah Park Royal Blue - “A beautifully elegant team that shows a high standard of producing and turnout. The horse radiates health while the handler gives a professional looking accompaniment. Congratulations.”

3. Sarah Beveridge & Deal Me Dexter

4. Sammie Townsend & Arby

5. Natasha Bird with Olivia & Hettie

6. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

7. Brittany Elliott & Elite Prophecy of Durin

8. Sarah O’Flaherty & Laureldean Chief

9. Beaux Harford & Mary Rose

10. Hannah Rupert & Exclusive Makin’ Whoopi


Daniella Pingarelli & Merlin

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "This was very hard to judge, I switched around the top three a lot. I would like to remind competitors to show all all gaits when competing in a challenge like this, it helps to see the horse not only over fences but also on the flat. "

1. Hannah Care & Ziggy - "for the most comprehensive array of clear photos of all gaits, and beautiful equitation. "

2. Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny - "you are a beautiful rider, but don’t forget to show off your flat work as well as your over fences"

3. Aimee Smee & Autumn Spirit - "love the photos and your pony sure isn’t going to touch those fences. But don’t forget that a side profile allows for more accurate judging than straight on photos. "

4. Sarah Beveridge & Sir Archibold - "also very hard to place you, don’t forget that your over fences is just as important as all the dressage work. "

5. Skye Murray & Polo - "you ride him very well, don’t forget that dressage is also a big part of eventing "

6. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

7. Sarah O’Flaherty & Laureldean Chief

8. Danielle Pingarelli & Merlin

9. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow

10. Helen Robb & Milo


Scarlett Taylor & Jimmy - "for the matchy, Matchy attire in every photo."

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia - "Absolutely took my breath away, beautiful horse"

2. Macey Starrett & Diamond - "Gorgeous pony, such a pretty face"

3. Aimee Smee & Drummer Boy - "Very handsome boy, he's in beautiful condition"

4. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh

5. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

6. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje

7. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe

8. Jess Barraclough & Elsa

9. Charley Harding & Flynn

10. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "What a lovely class to judge! So lovely to see all your journeys together and I can see how much love you have given them all!"

1. Brittany Elliott & Elite Prophecy of Durin - "What an absolute diamond!Such a beautiful transformation a lot of love has been put in to your bond and the photos with the little girl have completely melted my heart!"

2. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje - "Absolutely stunning since day one! Such a lovely partnership and he looks like such a talented horse!"

3. Jasmine Petty & Cookie - "What an absolute beauty! You are such an amazing team and cookie trusts you so much! You are also smiling in every one of these photos so lovely to see!"

4. Lisa Lawrence & Gatsby - "Look at that glow up! Such a little diamond in the rough but he has turned out so beautiful! A complete credit to you and cobs are the best!"

5. Beaux Harford & Mary Rose - "What a superstar! She really is the definition of an allrounder!! Such an amazing pair and you really look like you have the best of times together!"

6. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow - "What an amazing team! She really turns her hoof to everything! Very lovely mare "

7. Jess Morton & Scribble - "You two look like you have so much fun! Such a talented little pony! You are very lucky "

8. Skye Murray & Polo - "Another extremely talented team! Lovely horse"

9. Alisha Thomson & Rusty Duke - "What a brave pony! Right little rockstar a complete credit to you "

10. Sammie Townsend & Arby - "Such a beautiful pony! Two of the best breeds you have there! Such a stunning horse and I love how happy you are in all the photos!"

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge’s comments: “Wow! This was a tough class this month! So many excellent examples of horses with correct confirmation, good muscling, and meticulous grooming! Well done to all of the entries — wish I could’ve placed you all, but here are my top 10 placings and one special”

1. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh

2. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

3. Shauna Maddock & CelestialFiyah

4. Sammie Townsend & Arby

5. Lexi Shepard & HFD Back in Black

6. Lindsay Walczak & Boo Radley

7. Michelle Brown & Lady Synide

8. Ellie Cooper-Balaam & Amori

9. Beaux Harford & Mary Rose

10. Jessica Mallen & Mo Stoirin


Kelly Outram & Broadgate Secret Siren

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "As an equine photographer myself, I was sooo excited to judge this class and blimey did you all deliver! Well done to all of you for modelling so well and to your photographers for producing such wonderful images!"

1. Sarah Beveridge & Sir Archibold - "What a stunning image! Really interesting and unique pose of the horse with deep rich tones. Captured my attention immediately; beautiful!"

2. Donna Heirene & Nettie - "Who doesn't love a B&W image? But the deep, deep love that you show your horse is what truly captured my heart; just gorgeous."

3. Leah Hustwayte & Bailey (horse looking to camera image) - "I love the use of the muted colours, the pop of purple flowers and the use of the foliage to frame the horse, who also looks fab in this image! Well done!"

4. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley - "I always love seeing a natural image, showing the true personalities of both horse and human. This image really made me smile!"

5. Sammy Davies & Jonny - "A stunning summer image, I can almost feel the heat through the image. I love the pose, the colours & location all reflecting the time of year. Lovely!"

6. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow- "Its hard to get a silhouette image to tell a story with emotion but this image does just that. I feel like I want to join you in this image! Well done!"

7. Amy Pollard & Tuppy - "I love the expression of Tuppy in this image! Really captures his personality and your relation ship with him. It is a really lovely crisp image too! Gorgeous!"

8. Leah Hustwayte & Sox (head resting on horse image) - "Again I adore the colours in this image and the use of the foliage to frame the subject. Beautiful."

9. Amy Pollard & Moose - "Another lovely natural image that uses the location to frame the subject. The pose is just gorgeous and so much fun too! Well done!"

10. Flick Dyer & Maisy - "This is a great action shot! The image is really sharp and has great natural colours and tones. Plus the freeze-action capture is spot on! Plus you both look like you are loving what you are doing!"


Dawson Robinson & Daybreak - "I am really attracted to the use of light and as a result, the colours. The image has a sense of wildness to it. Really beautiful Well done!"

Hannah Green & Titan - "This image is less traditional and I really like that. I like that your photographers left a lot of negative space in the image, this gives a sense of openness & highlights your partnership."

Alisha Thomson & Rusty Duke - "A lovely relaxed moment in time captured in this image. I love the colours here too, those yellow flowers make the image pop. I think that the upload has just caused rhe image to loose some sharpness but still a lovely image!"

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge’s comments: “this was a great class to judge! Having not looked through the entries at all, it was a lovely little treat, and I can honestly say that first place made me laugh out loud, so thank you! Well done all, and sorry I couldn’t place everyone!”

1. Nicky Lush & Harry

2. Macey Starrett & Diamond

3. Charlotte Lush-Olden & Pippa

4. Claudia Bittner & Chester

5. Phoebe Lay & Ricardo Princeness

6. Jess Fawcett & Morphy

7. Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny

8. Sofia Malvar & Zazu

9. Skye Murray & Polo

10. Leah Hustwayte & Sox (pink box)

Well done. AA voucher to 1st, please contact them directly to claim.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "Amazing to see all areas of the world come together in this stunning selection of photos! Well done to everyone!"

1. Gianna Boccolucci & Ruby - "Outstanding Natural Beauty on show both in the mountains and from Ruby! I would love to see that view in all seasons!"

2. Jenim Rivington Bidwell with Hebridean Storm & Purple Rain - "The perfect spot for a rest, such sweeties!"

3. Gianna Boccolucci & Willow - "Can I please come out and join you! Elegance"

4. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride - "Those mountains! What a way to live!"

5. Emma Cooper & Rodney - "Something about this beauty, just like the beauty around him!"

6. Brittany Elliott & Samarah Park Athina - "Stunning Colours! A wonderful memory!"

7. Sammy Davies & Billy - "A lovely location and lovely framing"

8. Alisha Thomson & Rusty Duke - "A magical moment in a wonderful setting!"

9. Samantha Thornton & Candy - "A little gem in a great big world, amazing."

10. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby - "Autumn in a single shot! Beautiful"


Libby Roberts with Storm & Bella - "Is that a beach? They look so Happy!"

Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie - "She’s a Unicorn in a fantasy world! This made me happy!"

Lindsey Walczak & China - "Somewhere else I would love to ride!"

Grace Sales & Sovereign - "The purple contrast is lovely!"

Shell Donaldson & Capo - "A sunset memory for a lifetime"

Abby Brayfield & Hans - "The texture is lovely and proves you don’t have to go far for beauty!"

Well done. Gianna, please contact Flamenco Designs regarding your win.


horse show online
Judge’s comments: “this was such a tough class to judge! SO many gorgeous autumnal photos, all of which I’d happily receive in the post on a postcard hehe! Well done to you all, I genuinely am so sorry I couldn’t place you all! If the winner would like to pop me a message, that would be fab!”

1. Cara Martin & Duey – “oh this photo had me as soon as I saw it! What an incredible view, and the reflection of the sky in the lake… And such a perfect pair of ears!”

2. Kimberley Tippen & Lady – “what a stunner! She is so gorgeous, and that rainbow is beautifully captured! A fabulous photo!”

3. Aimee Smee & Autumn Spirit – “this photo made me smile as soon as I saw it – you look so happy, it’s such a fab photo!”

4. Natalie Haeusgen & Quilano – “the trees against the blue of the sky is just stunning! A proper autumnal view, with such a cute pair of ginger ears!”

5. Riley Boyes & Callie – “Callie is such a cutie! And she looks gorgeous with her leaf wreath and with the gorgeous oranges and browns behind her!”

6. Danielle Russell & Taj – “there’s something about this photo that I just adore! The colours, the ears and even the pylon, it all just fits together really beautifully!”

7. Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie

8. Gianna Boccolucci & Willow – “a beautiful photo, such a rich tree behind you, and what a cutie Willow is!”

9. Lindsey Walczak & Atticus Finch – “oh Lindsey, the beautiful and much missed Atticus. This is a gorgeous photo of a wonderful memory. So lovely”

10. Rachel Williams & Jack – “such a beautiful pair of ears, and I love the out of focus view – it looks very autumnal!”


Alice Haines & Siwan

Well done. PCBH voucher to 1st, please contact Hannah to claim.


horse show online

1. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia - "Stunning horse and I love the pink blossom tree behind! It really made this photo stand out! "

2. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow - "Love this photo its beautiful!"

3. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby - "Lovely pose and I think the Christmas garland looks so cute! "

4. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

5. Kelly Butler & Angel - "Cheekiest poser for sure! "

6. Nicky Lush & Harry - "Effortless beauty! "

7. Dawson Robinson & Daybreak - "Very pretty! "

8. Michelle Corrigan & Monty - "What a pair of cute posers!"

9. Laura McCutcheon & Denni - "Lovely horse, what a cute photo."

10. Scarlett Palmer & Lyra - "Ahh beautiful and the rainbow is cute!!"


Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride

Sharon Pingarelli & Austin

Billy Jo Howe & Paradise

Juliette Hauwaert & izi van het Daelderhof

Gianna Boccolucci & Willow

Well done.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "What a bunch of beautiful, well kept and shown manes and tails. Really hard to Judge!"

1. Kerry McMullan & Hermits Chablis - "Stunning traditional with a beautiful mane and tail."

2. Alisha Thomson & Abergavenny Darcy - "Very accomplished platting and very pretty"

3. Brooke Ferguson & BB - "Another lovely traditional with a lovely marked tail. "

4. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh

5. Lexi Shepherd & HFD Back in Black

6. Lisa Lawrence & Gatsby

7. Monnie Murphy & Lucky

8. Hannah Gillard & Jasper

9. Meg Robinson & Ollie

10. Amy Pollard & Tuppy

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "What a tough class to judge, so many beautiful entries of all of you and your equine companions!"

1. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh - “this picture caught my eye right away, the fall leaves paired with the neutral colours of both you and Shahh is beautiful!”

2. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley - “the framing in this picture is perfect, the touches of pink from the sky really adds to it!”

3. Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie - “gorgeous horse and rider combination, I LOVE how the blue of your shirt and saddle pad pops against Bonnie’s coat.”

4. Alisha Thomson & AbergavennyDarcy - “what an adorable pony, beautiful beach shot. It seems like you’re enjoying yourself!”

5. Amber Watkinson & Faye - “Faye seems very proud and alert. I love the whole composition of this photo with all the different layers of colours!”

6. Dawson Robinson & Bailey - “what a sweet picture to have as a keepsake for the future. Big congratulations to you as well!”

7. Isobel Weare & Pickle - “what a fun picture, it made me smile when I first saw it!”

8. Scarlett Palmer & Lyra - “another lovely combination, you both look like you’re thoroughly enjoying yourselves!”

9. Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny - “the colours in this photo are stunningly captured, the blue skies, the sand and the bright manes on the horses really catches the eye!”

10. Shell Donaldson & Capo - “the colours of the sky kept drawing me back to this picture, what a beautiful place to ride!”


Hannah Salkeld & Chester - “you both look very happy and proud of yourselves; as you should be!”

Michelle Corrigan & Monty - “a super adorable photo!”

Mollie Marlow & Tetley - “lovely combination in a gorgeous location!”

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge’s comments: “this was a lovely class to judge, with so many different interpretations! I loved every entry, and really struggled to come up with a top 10. It was very very close between the top 2, so I’d like to offer them both a prize – if they’d both like to pop me a message about the prize, that would be fab!”

1. Chelsea Thornton & Hit Now – “what a striking horse Hit Now is! This caught my eye straightaway, though it was very close between first and second!”

2. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry – “what an amazing collage, so clever! A very very close second, and also awarded a prize for being so fabulous!”

3. Meg Robinson & Midget – “what a beautiful pony, and such a beautiful background too!”

4. Lynn Carter & Chutney – “this is such a cute photo, and Chutney looks so gorgeous as usual!”

5. Riley Boyes & Callie – “such a pretty girl, she looks so happy and chilled!”

6. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh – “what an adorable pair you are, and Tuula, I LOVE your dungarees!”

7. Amy Pollard & Tuppy – “an adorable pink schnozzle! I love the angle of this!”

8. Charlie Frith & Loki – “a very handsome boy, and I love his little ghostie ears!”

9. Chloe Nicholas & Bertha – “such a pretty girl, so unusually coloured, and such a kind face”

10. Hannah Rupert & Exclusive Makin’ Whoopi – “such a pretty pony, with such gentle eyes and happy ears”

Well done. PCBH voucher to 1st, please contact Hannah to claim.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "What a fun class to judge! ... and a difficult one! You are all so creative! Austin took forever deciding on the final line up and wishes he could have placed you all. Well done!"

1. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia - "Gorgeous and eerie at the same time. This one immediately made the top of the list."

2. Hazel Steele & Daisy - Spider "Wow ... This took so much work! Austin couldn't believe how well behaved Daisy is being with all those appendages!"

3. Monica Kinnumen & Rhodonia - Pink "So beautiful. This looks like it came right out of a fairytale book."

4. Sue Ford & Lexi - "This one made us smile. Love the wig on Lexi!"

5. Catherine Herbert & Totems Rock - "Beautiful photo! The whole ambiance is fantastic!"

6. Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny - Skeleton "The mist and cloudy day make this one especially eerie!"

7. Tuula Hintsannen & Shah - "Perfect for the season! You both look like you are having fun!"

8. Hannah Green with Titan & Billy - "Great 'family' portrait!"

9. Billy Jo Howe & Paradise - "Paradise makes the cutest little witch!"

10. Leah Hustwayte & Bailey - "So cute! Bailey is about to really enjoy that pumpkin!"


Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny - (unicorn/pegasus)

Well done. Sash to 1st.


horse show online
Jasmine & Mack's comments: "Thank you so much to everyone for entering and donating towards this class. Sadly during Covid, we lost someone very dear to us to Breast Cancer. So to give something back to such a wonderful cause means so much, as I'm sure many of you may understand. We raised £64 through entries and additional donations and have decided to top the donation up to £75. We have donated this directly to Breast Cancer Now, thank you so much. I'm sorry we couldn't place you all, but please know we loved every entry!"

1. Alisha Thomson & Rusty Duke 2. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby 3. Mylee Garrod & Jet 4. Angharad Davies & Monty 5. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia 6. Billy Jo Howe & Paradise 7. Cara Martin with Sophie & Rolley 8. Hannah Gillard & Jasper 9. Natalie Keane with Betsy & Bambi 10. Macey Starrett with Diamond & Friends

Well done. Sash to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments- "Really tough fought class. Lovely to see all your new faces and what you get to with your horses and ponies well done to you all."

1. Beth Damm & Hillfort

2. ScarLotte Bond & Pippa

3. Hannah Rupert & Exclusive Makin' Whoopi

4. Indi Wilton & Dwayne

5. Lucy Dunthorne & Leim Golden Rebel

6. Emily Aisbitt & Winter Wonderland

7. Claudia Biltner & Chester

8. Olivia Roberts & Cindacates Girl

9. Josie Kerr & Flo C

10. Rachel Williams & Jack


Kelly Butler & Angel

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "I think this was the hardest class I've ever judged! The ones that were set apart from the rest showed some real thought, creativity and skill in capturing an image that transported you to that part of the world with them. Some of these images you can almost touch and smell, it feels exactly like October."

1. Catherine Hebert & Totems Rock - "A brilliantly spooky image. Thought and effort went into setting this up, executing it and editing the image to create something eye catching and very seasonal - good job."

2. Lynn Carter with Chutney & Elwood - "This is a very atmospheric early morning image. You can feel the calm and the quiet as if you were there with them."

3. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe - "This really represents October to me - wet, misty and earthy. I can almost smell this image! It's well lit and makes me want to be there with you."

4. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie - "This is a beautiful image that is very autumnal. I like the muted tones and the uplifting feel of the image, despite the foliage dying off for the winter. "

5. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry - "A simple, but very effective and well taken photo that could hang on a wall in any room."

6. Jenim Rivington Bidwell with Hebridean Storm & Purple Rain - "they're just too cute! It looks cold and windswept here - very October-y! "

7. Riley Boyes & Callie - "Beautiful colours, well done"

8. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh - "Smart looking horse in front of some very seasonal trees"

9. Isobel Weare & Pickle - "well composed image - "well done. "

10. Sarah Shenton & Elder - "what a little cutie! I want cuddles! "


Beth Damm & Hillfort - "Striking colours and an adorable face!"

Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie - "smart looking horse with some autumnal trees"

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "I loved looking at all of the 'October' photos of your horses and seeing what you had been up to in the month. This wasn't an easy class for me to judge, with no strict criteria - there were many entrants deserving of the top 10 placing, I lost count of how many times the names got shuffled around! Well done to all who entered."

1. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

2. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia

3. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow

4. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie

5. Riley Boyes & Callie

6. Dana Gander & Mountain Ash

7. Olivia Bird & Hettie

8. Cara Martin & Dylan

9. Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny

10. Rachel Williams & Jack


Charlie Frith & Loki

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Kimberley Tippen & Lady

2. Riley Boyes & Callie

3. Dana Gander & Mountain Ash

4. Lynn Carter & Chutney

5. Sarah Shenton with Essie, Bo & Nala

6. Skye Murray & Polo

7. Danielle Russell & Taj

8. Laura McCutcheon with Dennis, Quinn & Topper

9. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride

10. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby


Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

Cara Martin & Dylan


horse show online
Judge's comments: "So many wonderful pictures it was so difficult to pick a winner but here are my top 10:"

1. George Rooney & Marco - "This picture just made me laugh so much and it reminded me of summer!"

2. Lindsey Walczak with Tallulah, Peanut & Kiwi - "Cuteness overload! Adorable."

3. Holly De La Haye & Lady of Pencarrow - "A great action shot."

4. Lottie Palethorpe & Tommy - "What a beautiful sleeping beauty."

5. Aimee Smee & Autumn Spirit - "Such a fun and happy picture of you both. "

6. Emily Aisbitt & Winter Wonderland - "This would make as awesome calendar shot. Stunning."

7. Pauline Roskilly & Ruby - "I love the autumn colours and the Halloween theme."

8. Daniella Pingarelli & Merlin - "A perfect moment between horse and human. "

9. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje - "Perfectly turned out horse and rider."

10. Michelle Brown & Lady Synede - "A lovely action shot of a happy horse."


Chloe Whitehead & Ruwenzori Marigold

Sophie Ledger & Clare’s Lady Willow

Well done. Prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "This was such a huge class to judge!! 47 photos, I loved looking through them all. A huge well done to everyone. Please can 1st place contact me (CCC) to claim your prize "

1. Emma Cooper & Gem

2. Cara Martin & Rolley

3. Tuula Hintsanen & Shahh

4. Hannah Care with Ziggy & Unicorn

5. Kimberly Tippen & Lady

6. Chelsea Thornton & Scarlet

7. Sharon Pringarelli & Austin

8. Luca Al-Hardithi & Chico

9. Mylee Garrod with Daisy & Jet

10. Rachel Spencer & Molly


Rachel Williams & Jack

Charlotte Lush-Olden & Pippa

Indie Wilton & Dwayne

Martina Christie & Champ McAdoo

Issy Kerry & Bella

Well done. Prize to 1st, please contact CCC to claim.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "I loved judging this class. I think I was smiling all the way through the entire album. Thank you so much for sharing those happy, special memories with us. I would have loved to have placed each and every one of you!"

1. Cara Martin & Rolley

2. Lynn Carter & Chutney

3. Samantha Thornton with Sam & Shandy

4. Chloe Chaplin with Denver & Fin

5. Lexi Shepard with HFD Don't Blame It On Sunshine & Markus Grundy

6. Daniella Pingarelli & Merlin

7. Lyra Mitchell & Peroni

8. Sarah O'Flaherty with Dean, Sophie & Elvis

9. Freya Siddiqui

10. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

Well done.


horse show online
All entries in this class will be awarded a rosette, though only the top 10 are listed.

1. Rachel Williams & Jack

2. Danielle Russell & Taj

3. Louise Anita Bailey & Mill Gitana

4. Laura McCutcheon & Quinn

5. Olivia Bird & Hettie

6. Hannah Rupert & Exclusive Makin' Whoopi

7. Renee C. Miller & Diamond

8. Jackie Luby & Lucy

9. Kristina Alkhoury & Liberty

10. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia

Well done. £5.50 entry credit to 1st. Please email to claim.


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Judge's comments: "I have decided to award to 10th place this month. Please note the extra rosettes will require to be created so may be slightly delayed."

1. Meg Robinson & Ollie

2. Natalie Haeusgen & Quilano

3. Charlotte Lush-Olden & Flash

4. Ruby Sawyer with Rosie & Eddy - (sunburst image)

5. Gracie Johnson & Scooters Pride - (wide angle image)

6. Vicky Hardwick-Woolley & Jet

7. Charlie Frith & Athena

8. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia

9. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje

10. Amelia Ferguson & Luke

Well done.



RING 1 CHAMPION: Donna Heirene & Nettie

RING 1 RESERVE CHAMPION: Freya Siddiqui & Blackfort Danny

RING 2 CHAMPION: Gianna Boccolucci & Ruby

RING 2 RESERVE CHAMPION: Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

RING 3 CHAMPION: Georgie Rooney & Marco

RING 3 RESERVE CHAMPION: Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

SUPREME CHAMPION: Donna Heirene & Nettie



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  • We can ship via "International Standard" covering up to a loss of £20.

  • We can ship "International Tracked" which covers up to a loss of £50 value which is recommended for rosette wins of 5 or more.

Parcels are marked as gifts, but the value of each rosette is £3.50. This allows parcels to be covered for rosette costs should we need to reorder them (up to the value of provided cover).

It is the competitor's responsibility to cover any customs costs that may occur.

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