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Online Horse Showing: January / February 2024 Results

Discover the complete list of results for the Online Horse Showing event spanning January and February 2024 right here.

horse show online

Online Horse Showing offers a unique digital platform where horse shows are conducted based on photograph submissions. Competitors from across the globe can participate and compete from the comfort of their homes.

This page is dedicated to the results of the Online Horse Showing for the month of January and February 2024. Here, you'll find detailed results, feedback from the judges, and direct links to our sponsors.

Please note that to claim any prizes awarded by our equestrian showing sponsors, you must contact them directly. For each class, links are provided that will guide you to the sponsors' pages.

Rosettes and other prizes distributed by Online Horse Showing will be directly sent to you, eliminating the need for you to claim prizes.

Should you win any free entries or entry credits, they must be claimed by the end of the next show month (March 2024). To claim these, please navigate through our website using the provided system.



horse show online
Judge's comments: "What an amazing class to judge- you guys really didn’t make it easy! Every single one of you are show stoppers"

1. Daisy Waite & Magical Monty - "Such a perfect photo! The outfit is absolutely stunning and Monty looks gorgeous and you both look so happy!"

2. Ellie Walsh & Storm - "Such incredible photos and those feathers are amazing! Love his cheeky attitude as well "

3. Taylor Lamb & Ambleside Brennan - "You must teach me how you get him looking so white! Such an amazing team"

4. Jessie Jefferson & Mr Pickles - "Mr pickles you are definitely a head turner! An amazing team I can see the reds in the photos well done!"

5. Olivia Bitd & Hettie - "Oh aren’t you two the cutest! You have done a great job on getting Hettie looking so beautiful and look at all your rosettes well done!"

6. Lauren Saulnier & Marlie - "The shine on his coat is to die for!Absolutley stunning horse! I am very jealous of you"

7. Jessie Jefferson & Glantraeth Just The Tonic - "Wow you should be so proud for him to look this beautiful and perform so well at 5! I wish you luck in the many more years im sure this beauty will be strutting his stuff!"

8. Georgie Rooney & Marco -"Marco never fails to impress me! Another amazing team"

9. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle - "Such incredible markings and looking amazing for 24!! Well done, He really looks like he has such a happy home"

10. Morgan Frey & Prada - "What a talented horse! Such lovely condition as well"

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Trinity Calland-Okoro & Zilveren’s Bellini BDA - “These images capture everything that I picture a warmblood/hotblooded horse to be. Athletic, well conformed, evenly muscled.... beautiful horse!”

2. Aimee Smee & Autumn Spirit - “Brilliant photos to showcase your horses condition and abilities. Well done 🙂”

3. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley - “Beautiful photos of Boo, very sweet face and overall a wonderful body condition. This warmblood has presence!”

4. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie

5. Ella Moyle & Kilmurray Boy

6. Aimee Smee & Drummer Boy

7. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje

8. Chelsea Thornton & Seve

9. Grace Sales & Sovereign

10. Skye Finlayson & Poppy

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Jessica Mallen & Mo Stoirin - "what a super pony! He's trying so hard for you, tucking his knees up, making a lovely shape and having so much fun. Jessica looks calm and in control - what a super combination destined to do great things. "

2. Skye Murray & Polo - "Skye has a lovely soft hand over a variety of fences, secure lower leg and calm, balanced position in the saddle - well done"

3. Kelly Butler & Angel - "This collage caught my eye immediately - Angel looks like so much fun! If the lower leg had been more secure, this one would have been a contender for 1st place. I think Angel's enthusiasm might have thrown you off balance in a couple of them, but she's still making a lovely shape in the air for you."

4. Ella Moyle & Kilmurray Boy - "lovely photo, looking calm, secure and balanced. I would have loved to have seen more of this combination in a collage."

5. Skye Murray & Olly - "making a lovely shape in the air for you, rider looks relaxed and confident"

6. Fiona Jenkins with Freya & Princess - "Princess looks like she's really trying hard for you - a lovely pony"

7. Jessica Robeson & Pinky - "this is a combination that looks like they're having a lot of fun"

8. Audrey Done & Cracker - "an alert and sweet looking little horse"

9. Georgie Rooney & Marco - "I never manage to get my greys that white - that's impressive! An alert and relaxed looking horse, comfortable in his job"

10. Emma Rennison & Bracken - "lovely photo, looking forwards and confident"

An additional personal mention from the judge to: "Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin, who I ran out of rosettes for, but I love your collage, and Harrison Coulter & Bertie, who I couldn't place this time as there were stronger photos, but I think Bertie's fabulous!"

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie - "Lovely to see an older horse still in great shape living out and staying active!"

2. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo - "What a gorgeous boy, his coat is so shiny and clean for living outside!"

3. Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen - "A lovely coat, good condition, and looks like you get up to lots of fun!"

4. Summer Richmond & Fudge

5. Jess Barraclough & Elsa

6. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

7. Billy Jo Howe & Risue

8. Danielle Wood & Asha

9. Jess Barraclough & Bridgehampton

10. Chelsea Thornton & Seve

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Riley Boyes & Callie - “A fabulous example of a trusting partnership; the bond is clear to see as you competently and confidently appear to guide your horse safely through daunting tasks. Congratulations! Be very proud of such a brave friend.”

2. Jonna Landen & Black Pearl - “A very very close second. The teamwork is clear to see as the handler confidently leads and encourages. Well done!”

3. Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

4. Izzy Steele & Darcy

5. Morgan Frey & Prada

6. Georgie Rooney & Marco

7. Summer Richmond with Fuge, Myrtle & Henry

8. Harrison Coulter & Bertie

9. Billy Jo Howe & Bliss

10. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

2. Lauren Saulnier & Marlie

3. Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen

4. Taylor Lamb & Double T Dream Alliance

5. Ava Wilden & Ludo

6. Amelia Ferguson & Merry

7. Charley Harding & Flynn

8. Fiona Runciman & Ywddor A Pot Of Gold

9. Laurie LaMontagne & Captain Courageous

10. Ashleigh Clewley-Lyon & Blossom

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "This class was packed with some very impressive trot moments! It was quite challenging to narrow it down to a top 10 -- and once I managed to do that, my final order of placings changed around several times. Well done to all!"

1. Shania Crayston & Doylan Dark Temptation - "An extremely eye-catching pair exhibiting a nicely balanced trot. Lovely turnout as well -- an overall standout entry"

2. Sarah Beveridge & Sir Archibold - "This photo shows so much power and impulsion, and it captures this horse's trot extension at the perfect moment -- nicely done!

3. Skye Murray & Polo - "A nice selection of photos demonstrating a strong, balanced trot both in-hand and under saddle -- great job"

4. Fiona Runciman & Ywddor A Pot of Gold

5. Georgie Rooney & Marco

6. Taylor Lamb & Double T Dream Alliance

7. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

8. Laura McCutcheon & Quinn

9. Kayleigh Greenstreet & Susan's Pride

10. Danielle Wood & Asha


Rachel Jones & JackDaniels - (show photo)

Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Jessie Jefferson & Mr Pickles - "a fabulous collage showing a great relationship and trust between you both"

2. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry - "you both always look like you are having so much fun and enjoying a big range of activites together"

3. Riley Boye

s & Callie - "already early on in your ridden work together giving Callie confidence and difference experiences"

4. Natasha Bird with Olivia & Hettie - "looks like Olivia is taking very good care of Hettie and already been very successful together!"

5. Morgan Frey & Prada

6. Jasmine Petty & Lady Tella

7. Sophie Lee & Merlin

8. Skye Murray & Polo

9. Catherine Hebert & Totems Rock

10. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Courtney Leigh Parker & Tobi

2. Lindsey Walczak & Boo Radley

3. Kelly Butler & Angel

4. Laura McCutcheon & Topper

5. Morgan Frey & Prada

6. Daisy Lambert & Rodney

7. Madeline Taylor & Millie

8. Jessie Jefferson & Mr Pickles

9. Charlotte Chambers & Rico

10. Skye O'Brien & Finn


Seren Rowe & Patrick

Sterre Van Klaveren & Beluga

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Lindsey Walczak & Chex - “this picture caught my eye while scrolling through entries before even judging! I love everything about it, the colours, the composition AND your outfit; beautiful!”

2. Summer Richmond & Moonshine Myrtle - “also such a beautiful photo, the framing with the candid feel really brought it all together.”

3. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe - “the matching dog and horse made me smile, so cute!”

4. Kylie Kelln & Vegas - “this is such a simple picture but you look so happy in it that it caught my attention, love it!”

5. Ellie Anderson & Kirkby’s Phantom - “the dark colour of your dress really compliments the deep dapples of your horse’s coat, very nice!”

6. Peggy Decker & Cinnbar’s Painted Puzzle - “this is such a cool photo! Clearly very well thought out with the awesome Maleficent costume.”

7. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie - “I love how bright everything in the background is, the framing of the rainbow is perfect!”

8. Chelsea Thornton & Anthem - “the peaceful vibes of this picture almost jump through the screen!”

9. Charlotte Chambers & Jakeman - “the pop of red on your matching set really stands out with all of the green around you and against Jakeman’s colouring, very nice!”

10. Cara Martin with Alfie & Jodi - “the matching expressions on the two horses caught my attention, they’re gorgeous!”

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge’s comments: “golly gumdrops this class was hard! Obviously every single entry is super special to the person, and I really did struggle to choose a top 13! All your horses are beautiful, and these memories are all so wonderful, and I am so lucky to have a glimpse into your horsey lives! Well done everyone, and if the winner would like to pop me a message regarding their prize, that would be fab!”

1. Jessie Jefferson & Mr Pickles – “what a stunning photo this is! I can see this being an experience that really has cemented itself in your brain! Well done”

2. Cara Martin & Alfie – “25 years together is absolutely incredible! I loved seeing all of your firsts together, and what a wonderful life you must have had together”

3. Kiera Brayfield & Troy – “this photo made me smile every time I flicked through the photos! You both look so happy, and what a special thing that very first hack is”

4. Morgan Frey with Piper & Prada – “what a gorgeous mare and foal! I bet this has been a beautiful experience for you watching Piper beginning her life and learning how to be a horse!”

5. Sophie Lee & Merlin – “what a gorgeous pair you are, and I love all seeing all these firsts for you as a new horse owner – definitely memories that’ll last a lifetime!”

6. Harrison Coulter & Bertie – “the smile says it all! What a happy chappy, and such a beautiful pony too, those markings and that pink nose are just gorgeous!”

7. Esme Beverley & Woody – “this photo made me smile – being able to chill next to your pony while they are lying down is one of the most special things for sure”

8. Lauren Saulnier & Marlie – “these photos made me smile – what fabulous memories for you”

9. Billy Jo Howe & Dusty – “I’m so glad you have these cherished memories Billy Jo, and I hope that you get to spend as much time with your lovely ponies as possible this year!”

10. Peggy Decker & Painted Pleasure – “what a beautiful horse Painted Pleasure is. It looks like you had an incredible variety of experiences together!”


Georgie Rooney & Marco – “the smile on your face tells me what a special moment this was for you!”

Ivy McDonald & Leo – “I absolutely love this photo, and Leo’s colouring is just stunning! What a gorgeous horse”

Charlotte Chambers & Jakeman – “this is a gorgeous photo of you too, definitely a very special memory for you”

Well done. Voucher to 1st, please message Papercuts by Hannah to claim.


horse show online

1. Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen

2. Holly Lemmon & Biscuit

3. Billy Jo Howe & Bliss

4. Ellie Walsh & Storm

5. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

6. Abby Brayfield & Aphrodite

7. Amy Lowery-Wiltshire & Bella

8. Morgan Frey & Prada

9. Sophie Elton & Donna

10. Skye Murray & Polo


Riley Boyes & Callie

Ellie Anderson & Midsummer Nights Blues

Well done. Voucher to 1st, please Artistic Atticus to claim.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "Love, Love, Love this class. Such beautiful background all nice and blue! It was a tough choice to make for my top 13 with changes between the top 3 but I am saying well done to all and what lovely photos you’ve all taken!"

1. Libby Roberts & Storm

2. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe

3. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie

4. Laura McCutcheon & Quinn

5. Ivy Mc Donald & Robbie

6. Jackie Luby & Lucy

7. Natasha Bird with Olivia & Hettie

8. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

9. Jessi-Lyn Reuter & Ndongo

10. Kim Ballard with J.D & Eva


Laura McCutcheon & Missy

Lindsey Walczak with Storm & Spirit

Harley Leak & Troy

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "I loved judging this class; so many stunning pictures of you all enjoying your horses and ponies in wonderful surroundings."

1. Cara Martin & Dylan – "I loved the background of the chopped straw and the relaxed smile on both your faces. You look so harmonious."

2. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry – "What a stunning shot of Harry meeting his ‘wild’ family. A wonderful range of colours in the trees in the distance."

3. Seren Rowe & Buffy – "Such a rare occurrence to see a double rainbow and seen through the ears of a pony. Perfect."

4. Charlotte Chambers with Tilly, Jakeman & Rico – "a very unique way of showing your love for hacking and ponies. I love the brightness of your Hi-Viz too against the darker background."

5. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie - "Absolutely stunning shot of a sunset. The autumn colours are simply spectacular."

6. Hazel Steele & Jet – "Another picture that makes the most of the breath-taking range colours we have in our landscapes."

7. Natasha Bird with Olivia & Hettie – "What a view. You can see for miles and miles. Amazing."

8. Daisy Lambert & Rodney – "I love the contrast between light and dark in this photo."

9. Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie – "I would love to know what you are both looking at! You both look so relaxed and happy. A perfect pair."

10. Kelly Butler & Angel – "A horse, dogs and snow. Who could ask for more!"


Sharon Pingarelli & Austin – "I loved the ‘vastness’ of this shot and what is better than a pair of pink ears!"

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "Amazing to see some new faces! For those who have entered for the first time, watch your shadows, ensure your subject is central and crop your images and make sure they are in focus 🙂 Was a very hard class to judge, well done all ❤"

1. Kerry Butler & Angel - "Such a beautiful horse, each individual photo is perfectly positioned and lovely to see such a diverse skillset!"

2. Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen - "Such a cheeky character! Beautifully presented and I look forward to seeing more."

3. Billy Jo Howe & Dusty - "I am a sucker for a heavy horse, they are such gentle

creatures. Dusty seems to be taking great care of you."

4. Aimee Dines & Bobby - "Only the cutest fluff ball of all time! Such a cutie, can’t wait to see what he may get up to this year."

5. Kim Stenning & Holly - "That little cheeky grin over the stable door, coupled with

that beautiful portrait. Absolute beauty."

6. Esme Beverley & Woody - "A wonderfully set up collage, really well framed with a good selection of images."

7. Ava Wilden & Marli - "What a lovely little duo, but careful not to overfill the photo. Very cute!"

8. Jane Dwerryhouse & Cognac - "Such a lovely bond between you, beautiful colouring and a lovely collage."

9. Jack Wilden & Jack - "Such a happy little chap! I can see how much he loves his pony!"

10. Gracie Wooton & Paige - "Lovley little pair! Keep those photo’s crisp and I look forward to seeing more 🙂"

Well done. Keyring to 1st, please message our sponsor directly to claim.


horse show online

1. Georgie Rooney & Marco

2. Seren Rowe & Patrick

3. Cara Martin & Jack

4. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

5. Lindsey Walczak & Spotty Scotty

6. Seren Rowe & Buffy

7. Chelsea Thornton & Schoontje

8. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe

9. Skye Murray & Polo

10. Skye Finlayson & Poppy

Well done. Small prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

2. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe

3. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie

4. Lindsey Walczak & Spotty Scotty

5. Jasmine Petty & Lady Tella

6. Riley Boyes & Callie

7. Sophie Lee & Merlin

8. Amelia Ferguson & Luke

9. Cara Martin & Dylan

10. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

Well done. Sash to 1st.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "Austin loved seeing all the beautiful scenery in your calendar shots. He is definitely an armchair traveler. There were so many lovely photos .. he wishes he could have placed you all! Well done!"

1, Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie

2. Shanaid Bagdatli & Wensum Big Joe

3. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

4. Lindsey Walczak & Spotty Scotty

5. Renee C Miller & My Saving Grace

6. Abby Brafield & Basil

7. Seren Rowe & Patrick

8. Chelsea Thronton & Schoontje

9. Chloe Chaplin & Denver

10. Georgie Rooney & Marco

Well done. £5.50 OHS entry credit to 1st, please email to claim.


horse show online
Judge's comments: "That was a really, really tough class. I could see the bond between each and every horse/person in each image. You should all be really proud of the bond you and your horses have with each other."

1. Ava Wilden & Marli

2. Hazel Steele with Jet, Frankie, Izzy & Ava

3. Kim Ballard with Sherri, Patch, JD & Molly

4. Jack Wilden & Jack

5. Libby Roberts with Bella & Storm

6. Ellie Walsh & Cat

7. Shanaid Bagdatli with Haribo & Rosie

8. Alexa Kavanagh with Harry & Trixie

9. Amelia Ferguson & Luke

10. Charlotte Chambers with Tilly, Jakeman & Rico

Well done.


horse show online

1. Grace Sales & Sovereign

2. Riley Boyes & Callie

3. Charlotte Chambers & Rico

4. Sarah Beveridge & Sir Archibold

5. Chelsea Thornton & Schoontje

6. Jessica Mallen & Scrumpy Jack

Well done.



RING 1 CHAMPION: Daisy Waite & Magical Monty

RING 1 RESERVE CHAMPION: Alexa Kavanagh & Harry

RING 2 CHAMPION: Cara Martin & Alfie

RING 2 RESERVE CHAMPION: Hazel Steele with Jet, Frankie, Izzy & Ava

SUPREME CHAMPION: Daisy Waite & Magical Monty



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For participants in the U.K., we offer 2nd class standard postage at no additional charge. U.K entrants have the option to upgrade to Tracked 24hr or Tracked 48hr upon request. You will be invoiced accordingly.

For our international participants, shipping costs will be calculated based on the precise dimensions and weight of your parcel. It is important to complete the payment for shipping before we can proceed with dispatching your parcel.

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  • "Signed For" Depending on postal regulations in certain areas, this option might be the sole upgrade choice available.

All parcels will be labelled as gifts, with each rosette valued at £3.50, ensuring coverage for the cost of rosettes in the event of remaking, within the limits of the chosen insurance cover.

Participants are responsible for any customs fees incurred.

If you prefer a different courier service, please inform us as soon as possible.

Important: International shipping will incur additional costs beyond your entry fee, upgrading with ensure that your prizes reach you safely and securely.



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