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Online Horse Showing: Rules

Online Horse Showing's Rules, by entering Online Horse Showing you automatically agree to abide by the below rules.

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Entries can be sent in via our form on the "Enter Here" page of our website.

All competitors compete at their own risk, and Online Horse Showing is not responsible for any injuries sustained while competing.

It is the responsibility of the entrants to ensure they have read the full criteria for each class.

  • We do not encourage unsafe riding. This is based on Online Horse Showing's discretion.

  • Online Horse Showing has the right to make changes to the schedule, rosettes, prizes, sponsors, and entry prices.

  • Online Horse Showing is a "fun" show and is in no way associated with any breed or showing societies.

  • Online Horse Showing has the right to remove entries at any point.

  • All entrants must have permission to use any and all images they submit.

  • Using someone's image without their permission may result in an instant ban.

  • Online Horse Showing holds the right to refuse entry into our classes.

  • Online Horse Showing does not tolerate negative behaviour.

  • All images sent to Online Horse Showing will be in the public domain.

  • We have the right to extend the entry date if required.

  • Any person under the age of 16 must have parental consent to take part in classes.We strongly advise that all relevant personal protective equipment is worn.

  • You must have permission from everyone in the image to enter.

  • Refunds will not be given unless at Online Horse Showing's discretion.

  • It is the responsibility of the entrants to make Online Horse Showing aware of any address changes.

  • If you change your address, please email us directly via: BEFORE the rosettes are shipped.

  • We cannot offer refunds or replacements if the addresses that are submitted are incorrect.

  • If you have not received a response regarding your address change please email us again until a response is given.

  • Horse & Rider combinations may enter each class as many times as they like.

  • We will not upload additional text (names aside) unless stated in the class rules.

  • Please ensure you have entered your full name and the horse's name on the entry form, you may use an alternative name if you wish.

Digital Editing

  • Digital editing IS permitted but please keep this within reason unless otherwise stated.

    • Black background edits are permitted.

    • Minor background alterations or photo additions are permitted. Please do not change the entire structure of the photo.

    • The use of overlays, basic filters, and presets is allowed.

    • Under no circumstances are you to edit your horse's coat or condition.

    • Altering your horse's physical appearance is unfair to other competitors and against the Online Horse Showing rules.

  • We do not allow the use of drawings unless otherwise stated within the class rules.

    • AI is not permitted at all.

  • Please ensure all of your images are rotated the correct way up.

Online Horse Showing has the final say and any images will be uploaded at our discretion.

Watermarked Images

Watermarked images will only be accepted if you have purchased the full image, and the photographer has left their logo on for advertising purposes only.

Images with a watermark directly across the subject will not be accepted WITHOUT a screenshot of the photographer's permission.

Example: The image with the watermark OVER the subject will be rejected, though the advertising watermark as shown in the second photo will be accepted. Please ensure you still have permission to submit the purchased photo.


  • Collages are to be pre-made by the entrant. If multiple images have been uploaded singularly, the top image will be uploaded ONLY.

We always encourage the competitor to make use of collages when they're permitted in a class, though overcrowding a collage can also work against you. Ensuring the judge can see each image will help in your scoring amongst the other entrants.

Uploads & Results

  • Results from Online Horse Showing will be published via social media, and later our website within 3 full days of the show closing.

  • Results may not be posted on the first night the show closes.

  • Results will be posted as and when Online Horse Showing receives them and is available to publish them.

  • Please ensure you have allowed 3 working days for entries to be uploaded.

  • Images will not be uploaded until payment has been received.

Online Horse Showing Loyalty Entries & Free Entries

  • Lucky dip points are awarded for each entry that you purchase, excluding charity classes.

  • Loyalty entries are awarded for each £3.50 class you purchase, excluding charity classes.

  • Loyalty entries can be used ONCE per month, and have a use-by date of 12 months from your last entry.

Ignoring the rules may result in an instant ban from Online Horse Showing.

For any other questions please feel free to email us.


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