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Online Horse Showing: June Results

Results list for Online Horse Showing June 2024 results.

Online Horse Showing brings the excitement of horse shows straight to your doorstep through a unique online platform where images are used for competition. This global platform allows participants to enter shows and compete from the comfort of their homes.

You are currently on the June 2024 Online Horse Showing results page. Here, you can find comprehensive results, judge's feedback, and direct links to our sponsors from April.

Winners should directly contact the sponsors using the provided links to redeem any prizes offered.

Online Horse Showing will automatically dispatch rosettes and prizes, so winners need not request these separately. International winners will be sent a postal invoice before their rosettes are shipped.

Winners of free entries or entry credits for future shows must claim them by the end of the following show month (July 2024). This can be done easily through our website.



horse show online
Judge's comments: "What a challenging class to judge! My placings likely would've been very different if I was only judging best condition or shiniest coat -- but considering both together made it quite difficult to get my top 10 sorted out. Well done to all!"

1. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony - "This horse exhibits both ideal body condition and an extremely shiny coat -- top left photo almost looks like a polished bronze statue!"

2. Kia Whitehead & Sadie - "Another very shiny coat combined with some lovely action shots that really show off this horse's condition and athletic ability"

3. Jesse Jefferson & Glantraeth Just the Tonic - "This horse has a beautiful coat as well as a nicely balanced, well-muscled neck, shoulder and topline"

4. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo

5. Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen

6. Laura Davidson & Tod

7. Harriet Willis & Ebbwshaw Rocco

8. Amber Scutchings & Skylar

9. Summer Richmond & Moonshine Myrtle

10. Grace Sales & Storm


Naomi Silk & Chloe

Kaye Johnson & Lucinda Whytesox

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Vanessa Baker & Rocker - “A strong, balanced stance with a willing submission to the rider. Beautifully done; congratulations”

2. Jessie Jefferson & Tommy - “A bold stance showing the power and pure presence of the horse. Well done”

3. Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Dwynwen

4. Kaye Johnson & Lucinda Whytesox

5. Laura Oliver & May

6. Georgia Daly & King of the Fen

7. Ellie Anderson & Midsummers Nights Blues

8. Summer Richmond & Moonshine Myrtle

9. Amber Docwra & Cest No Mour

10. Charlee Beach & Queensmead Barclays

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "This was an incredibly difficult class to judge, so many wonderful horses and ponies. Some incredible ones not placed, please read the criteria of the class carefully. Some in here not placed would have won in other classes. "

1. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo - "Absolutely stunning Welsh D, true to type in excellent condition and showing the versatility of the breed."

2. Vanessa Baker & Rocker - "Lovely TB, great condition, living its best life."

3. Chelsea Thornton & Schoontje - "stunning horse, wonderful condition and conformation. Lovely to see side saddle as one of the activities."

4. Charlotte Burrows & Eric

5. Jasmine Davy & Penlangrug Davy

6. Jessie Jefferson & Glantraeth Just The Tonic

7. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Fleurtje

8. Crystal Mae & Evening Primrose

9. Laurie LaMontagne & Captain Courageous

10. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle


Billy Jo Howe

Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Sam Prior & Bear - "absolutely stunning grey, beautifully relaxed over a range of disciples."

2. Georgie Rooney & Marco - "wonderful condition and immaculately turned out"

3. Vanessa Baker & Aussie

4. Olivia Kennedy & Misty

5. Seren Rowe & Patrick

6. Chelsea Thornton & Hit Now

7. Cara Martin & Rolley

8. Fen Garrard & Just Mary

9. Hollie Dowling & Holly

10. Annabelle Atkinson & Llanarth Coco

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "This was probably the highest standard of any class I've judged yet, so well done everyone, placed or otherwise, you've all done really well. There was very little to separate the top 3. To get top placings, I want to see a variety of obstacles with the horse and rider showing good technique, a secure, safe seat and kind hands. The rider needs to be guiding and helping the horse, both with their own position and positive, encouraging approach to give the horse a good experience that builds confidence.

And can we just take a moment to recognise Lucinda Lovell's lovely horse? There was no rosette this time, but "Tequila-Worm' is probably the best name I've ever heard for a horse and has made my evening!!"

1. Crystal Mae & Pebbles - "you just make it look easy! The combination looks calm, relaxed and competent. Lovely entry and a well deserved win."

2. Evie Maclean-Yuille & Ollie - "another really lovely entry looking relaxed and confident. Really good job."

3. Vanessa Baker & Nova - "good use of the collage, you look like you're having lots of fun and show good technique."

4. Vanessa Baker & Rocker - "A lovely combination, well done. A more consistent and secure lower leg will improve your placing."

5. Naomi Silk & Chloe - "a bright and positive combination. A more consistently secure lower leg will improve your placing."

6. Kelly Butler & Angel - "Angel is trying so hard for you, she's a lovely little horse. Work on your balance to improve your placing, but I can see she has an exuberant jump!"

7. Emily Kerley & Triggger - "what a jump! A really secure seat and good release as he lands - I would love to have seen a collage of shots like this - it could be winner next time."

8. Helen Robb & Milo - "great shot! Brave looking horse and confident rider. I would love to have seen a whole collage like this."

9. Bella Craggs & King - "smart horse, well done"

10. Alisha Wilson & Tango - "great picture, well done"

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to be shipped to 1st.


horse show online

1. Ella Hunter & Chezmar Sweet Inspiration - "You guys are a lovely couple! I would have personally left out the top middle picture, since you have an opener and more harmonious frame in the other pictures (which I love). Otherwise, very very well done!"

2. Jessie Jefferson & Glantraeth Just The Tonic - "I loved your collage! Try to have an opener frame while bringing your hand a bit more forward, working from the back forward. It was a very close call to the number one."

3. Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie - "I really loved your jumping pictures! Try to sit a bit more back, while keeping your hands forward in the dressage for a higher placing next time!"

4. Kia Whitehead & Sadie - "Once again, lovely pictures. I personally feel like the moment in trot of the middle picture works better for you to show the openness. I really love the versatility, but I feel like the dressage suits you more, which you could have maybe highlighted even more."

5. Evie Maclean-Yuille & Ollie - "Amazing jumping and eventing pictures! Since we are looking at the overall picture, I would have liked for the horse to be a bit more over the back in the dressage. Nevertheless, well done!"

6. Vanessa Baker & Rocker - "Once again, lovely jumping and eventing pictures. I would have liked a bit more active and uphill image for your dressage pictures."

7. Crystal Mae & Evening Primrose - "What a lovely horse! Maybe some more sideway images would have helped me assess your entry better. "

8. Naomi Silk & Chloe - "Lovely pictures, certainly at that age! I would also have liked to see her a bit more over the back in the dressage, but the jumping and eventing pictures are lovely!"

9. Kaye Johnson & Lucinda Whitesox - "Lovely picture! Try to include a versatility of images for a higher placing next YOU';Vtime!"

10. Katrice Waite & Moonshine - "Lovely combination! For a higher placing, I would have liked to see clearer riding pictures, since they are a bit cropped out."


Molly Worboyes & Charm - "Such a lovely pony!! I loved the jumping picture, but I would have liked to see more clear and sideways images of you guys riding, especially in dressage. I also love the hacking pictures!"

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to be shipped to 1st.


horse show online

Judgge's comments: "Well done to all entrants, those who placed the horses age alongside their entries made my job a lot easier for sure!"

1. Cara Martin & Jack - "Jack is a picture of health and happiness in these photos, well done!"

2. Vanessa Baker & Tom - "Happy, relaxed, content - what a life for a retired horse"

3. Fen Garrard & Just Mary - "Wonderful condition for your aged horse, lovely to see"

4. Ava Wilden & Tod

5. Danielle Wood & Ryker

6. Remy Bowling & Prince

7. Laura McCutcheon & Topper

8. Emily Lawless & Max

9. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

10. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar’s Painted Puzzle


Emily Kerley & Megan - "These older ponies always pull at my heart strings! A very sweet face, lovely pony"

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "So many beautiful images in this class, it makes me miss showing! It's lovely to see such a wide variety of types as well, so many ways to get out and about with horses. I wish I could place them all, but here goes:"

1. Amber Scutchings & Skylar

2. Jessie Jefferson & Glantraeth Just The Tonic

3. Ella Hunter & Chezmar Sweet Inspiration

4. Gwen Atkinson with Evalyn & Llanarth Cobweb

5. Ellie Anderson & Midsummers Nights Blues

6. Vanessa Baker & Rocker

7. Crystal Mae & Evening Primrose

8. Summer Richmond & Moonshine Myrtle

9. Charissa Schipper & Big Paychex to Cash

10. Kia Whitehead & Sadie


Emily Lawless & Max

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Catherine Hebert & Totems Rock

2. Shanaid Bagdatli & Joey

3. Julia Torres & Marty

4. Chelsea Thornton & Bonnie

5. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie

6. Holly Parkes & Indi

7. Brooke Wheeler & Hunter

8. Lucy Walker & Ziggy

9. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar’s Painted Puzzle

10. Bethan Faulkner & Billy


Shayna Maddock & Celestial Fiyah

Ava Wilden & Ludo

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th and any listed specials. Prize to be shipped for 1st place.


horse show online

Judge’s comments: “I loved judging this class! Every photo was absolutely stunning, and I am so sorry I couldn’t place you all. Well done to everyone who did place, and if the winner would like to pop me a message about their prize, that would be fab!”

1. Lucy Walker & Ziggy

2. Abby Brayfield & Blue

3. Lara Vincent

4. Vanessa Baker with Helix & Lucy

5. Faith Plumb & Grayson

6. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

7. Cara Martin & Dylan

8. Erin Roberts & Ollie

9. Georgie Rooney & Marco

10. Phoebe Constance & Merlin


Katrice Waite & Rumor

Millie Pinwill & Dolly

Wynter Spencer & Lollypop

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th and any listed specials. PCBH voucher to 1st, please contact Hannah's page to claim.


horse show online

1. Charlotte Chambers & Rocky - “This image caught my eye from the beginning, because how on earth do horses end up in these situations?!"

2. Alexa Kavanagh & Trixie - “I don’t know if it was the blurred motion or the look on your face, but I burst out laughing at this!"

3. Courtney Leigh & Parker - “We love a runaway horse (NOT)"

4. Shanaid Bagdatli with Haribo & Joey -“Such aa creative caption that definitely adds to the humour"

5. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin - “I Think Pumpkin really wants to share with you."

6. Peggy Decker & Cinnibar’s Painted Puzzle - “I don’t think she likes being called a brood mare- but what a creative way to tie in themes from The Man From Snowy River"

7. Tracy Cattermole & Pebbles - “As someone with plenty of fall pics, I love to laugh at them but I hope you’re ok!"

8. Katie Laundon & Ali - “Again, what a great fall picture, but next time when submitting, if you crop your images, you may place a bit higher."

9. Katrice Waite & Rock - “Great job adding creative editing to the image- it adds a unique aspect that stood out."

10. Sarah Rees & Guinness - “I love the fact that you’re both ’smiling’"


Remy Bowling & Tom - “As naughty as this is Tom is very cute."

Evie Rose & Bluebell - “I would love to have some context for this look!"

Maddy Baines & Duck - “Duck looks absolutely adorable pouting like this!"

Erin Roberts & Ollie - “That is one very long tongue!"

Gwen Atkinson & Monty - “It’s the side eye for me."

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Sash to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "This class had so many entries and it has taken me ages to judge. The entries that did the best were the ones that stuck closest to the class criteria which was: images should be fairly close to the camera. The photo should feature an alert horse, with an uncluttered background. You will be judged on clarity, quality and how well the photo has met the criteria."

1. Codie Heard & Capuchins Cabidue – "the black background really showcases this beautiful head."

2. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin – "a clear shot with a wonderfully alert expression on Pumpkin’s face."

3. Sam Prior & Bear – "Bear’s handsome head is definitely the star of this shot."

4. Holly Lemmon & Biscuit – "what a cutie. Picture has perfect clarity and an uncluttered background helps show off Biscuit’s pretty head."

5. Nikki Summers & Bust a Move – "a perfect side on shot."

6. Georgie Rooney & Marco – "the clarity of this shot really drew me to this picture."

7. Stacey Mclean & Teddy – "Teddy’s two-coloured ears and his kind eye really stood out here."

8. Sterre Van Klaveren & Princeton Van de Beekerheide – "this picture truly encapsulates Princeton’s beauty."

9. Vanessa Baker & Rocker – "another great side shot. Rocker’s head is the star of the show."

10. Carissa Crighton & Finn – "what a beauty Finn is. I loved his alertness and his flowing forelock."


Chelsea Thornton & Schoontje

Tracey Cattermole & Dusty

Charlotte Burrows & Eric

Helen Walford & Pebbles

Molly Railton & Barney

Elina Dzene with Mia & Penny

Laura McCutcheon & Missy

Emma Lawless & Maverick

Ellie Anderson & Midsummers Nights Blues

Cara Martin & Rolley

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Shanald Bagdatli & Haribo - "Beautifully constructed photo, I almost thought it was natural to begin with! Then I saw the magic! Fantastic photoshop editing skills very clear, crisp and blends into the background well."

2. Chelsea Thornton & Naamloos Gleurtje - "I love the transition between the two sports. Put together beautifully and a lovely sharp contrast. It’s simple and it’s wonderful, great job ☺"

3. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin - "I have not stopped laughing! Thank you for bringing such enjoyment! I hope to see Pumpkin in my next happy meal!"

4. Amy Mountford-Lowe & Flora - "You have one very patient pony! (I might have

to try that with my own) Very creative, and I can see a lot of effort has gone into these floral designs well done!"

5. Alexa Kavanagh & Harry - "A lovely different perspective with a mixture of both digital editing and live props. A lovely tidy image."

6. Katrice Waite & Rock - "Lovely professional image, very eye catching and clear. I hope you have this one framed!"

7. Macey Starrett & Shiko - "Really lovely picture, aesthetically pleasing which caught my eye, lovely contrast in colours and very clear and cute! (Try not to miss out the ear next time)"

8. Catherine Herbert & Totems Rock - "Fantastic dual image, lovely mix of props and

digital crossover. I almost thought the wings were a prop and not photoshopped!"

9. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo - "(Flower Portrait) A lovely dual photo, I would love to

know where the butterflies came from! Very clear, great editing skills but could use a little more light balance in the top half."

10. Hannah Cornford & Pacha - "I loved the concept behind this photo! A great idea to try and explore and not an easy thing to build. Work on blending the subjects into the background a little more and reduce the sharpness."


Peggy Decker & Cinnabar’s Painted Puzzle - "(Mosaic/Water filtered singular picture) Lovely filtered photo, subject is perfectly captured in the centre with a lovely variation of colouring."

Katrice Waite & ZR “Royal” - "Love the concept! Another one I would get framed! Lovely editing, be mindful of your subject focus, it’s not as clear as the background. "

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. FC voucher to 1st, please contact Flamenco Creations to claim.


horse show online

1. Summer Richmond & Moonshine Myrtle - “this caught my eye right away! Beautiful shot.”

2. Laura Davidson & Tod - “lovely balanced, engaged canter with a soft expression on Tod’s face!”

3. Cara Martin & Dylan - “the background and the framing of you between the trees really got my attention.”

4. Megan Rose Marriott Henshaw & Bluewood Daisy - “love the little sass on the rider’s face, such a cute pair!”

5. Elina Dzene with Mia & Penny - “beautiful bright photo with the cutest matchy matchy going on!”

6. Katrice Waite & Moonshine

7. Issy Hughes & Wena

8. Vanessa Baker & Rocker

9. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo

10. Katie Laundon & Tyack


Charlotte Burrows & Eric

Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

Vanessa Baker & Nova

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Daisy Cullen & Ellie X1V

2. Charissa Schipper & Big Paychex to Cash

3. Carissa Crighton & Sunny

4. Frankie Williams & River

5. Holly Smith & Sonador

6. Emily Banks & Ruby

7. Freya Lancaster & Higher Collation Zion

8. Sarah Rees & Guinness

9. Siân Hartley & Storm

10. Nicola Boyd & Rolo


Honey Tate & Humbug

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Artistic Atticus voucher to 1st, please message them directly to claim.


horse show online

1. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo

2. Catherine Hebert & Totems Rock

3. Paige Robertson & Rocky

4. Katrice Waite with Rumor & Little Bit

5. Hannah Cornford & Squeak

6. Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin - (Photo 2)

7. Teigan Cook & Boudicas Beauty

8. Vanessa Baker & Rocker

9. Helen Robb with Apollo & Friends

10. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia


Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle - (Photo 2)

Olivia Kennedy with Bonnie, Bramble, Summer & Abbie

Lara Vincent

Gwen Atkinson & Llanarth Cobbweb

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

Judge's comments: "Now this was a really tough class to judge, so many entries to show What you have all been up to in this show month! I really enjoyed judging this class! So everyone Keep up the good work enjoying that time with your horses! Well done!!"

1. Jessie Jefferson & Glantraeth Just The Tonic

2. Cara Martin & Dylan

3. Amber Scutchings & Skylar

4. Emily Thompson & Graceland Ebony

5. Katrice Waite & ZR "Royal”

6. Kia Whitehead & Sadie

7. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia

8. Peggy Decker & Chinnbars Painted Puzzle

9. Liberty Bramley & Luna

10. Lauren Brazell & Whopper


Grace Sales & Storm

Lucy Walker & Ziggy

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Lara Vincent

2. Hannah Cornford & Squeak

3. Codie Heard & Capuchins Cabidae

4. Holly Parkes & Indi

5. Emily Thompson & Stoneybank Jet

6. Katrice Waite with Rumor & Little Bit

7. Peggy Decker & Cinnabar's Painted Puzzle

8. Alexa Kavanagh & Ramba Zamba

9. Carissa Crighton & Confetti

10. Liberty Bramley & Luna


Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

Tracey Cattermole & Pebbles

Kia Whitehead & Sadie

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th. Prize to 1st.


horse show online

1. Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia

2. Jessica Barker & Out of the Blue

3. Katrice Waite & Rock

4. Lara Vincent & Rueben

5. Vanessa Baker & Hercules

6. Claire Taylor & Toby

7. Emily Lawless & Max

8. Lauren Brazell & Whopper

9. Charissa Schipper & Big Paychex to Cash

10. Carl Stenning & Ragnur

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 10th.


horse show online

1. Isobel Cooke & Alaska

2. Maddi Davies & Blondie

3. Laura Davidson & Tod

4. Freya Lancaster & Silver Shoe

5. Holly Parkes & Indi

6. Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo

Well done. Rosettes 1st - 6th.



RING 1 CHAMPION: Ella Hunter & Chezmar Sweet Inspiration

RING 1 RESERVE CHAMPION: Crystal Mae & Pebbles

RING 2 CHAMPION: Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo

RING 2 RESERVE CHAMPION: Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia

SUPREME CHAMPION: Shanaid Bagdatli & Haribo

RESERVE SUPREME CHAMPION: Ella Hunter & Chezmar Sweet Inspiration


Things to note if you didn't place:

  • If you paid for 2+ entries this month and didn't place AT ALL you can claim 1 FREE entry into a class of your choice.

  • If you paid for 2 entries this month and didn't place you can also submit an entry into our second chance class.

  • If you submitted an entry into Newcomers AND another paid-for class but didn't place in Newcomers you will be awarded a small token rosette. Both entries must be under the same competitor name to qualify.

We will issue postal invoices within two weeks of the show closing. These invoices must be settled promptly to facilitate the dispatch of your items.

For participants in the U.K., we offer 2nd class standard postage at no additional charge. U.K entrants have the option to upgrade to Tracked 24hr or Tracked 48hr upon request. You will be invoiced accordingly.

For our international participants, shipping costs will be calculated based on the precise dimensions and weight of your parcel. It is important to complete the payment for shipping before we can proceed with dispatching your parcel.

Should any competitor wish to opt for a quicker or alternative delivery method, please contact me directly at

Shipping Options:

  • "International Economy" shipping is available, providing limited protection in cases of loss or damage. Please note, that delivery can take up to three months.

  • "International Standard" shipping offers compensation for losses up to £20.

    • We use this service as a standard.

  • "International Tracked" Perfect for those who have won 5 or more rosettes, protecting losses up to £50. Should the value of your wins surpass £50, we will enhance the coverage to £250.

  • "Signed For" Depending on postal regulations in certain areas, this option might be the sole upgrade choice.

All parcels will be labelled as gifts, with each rosette valued at £3.50, ensuring coverage for the cost of rosettes in the event of remaking, within the limits of the chosen insurance cover.

Participants are responsible for any customs fees incurred.

If you prefer a different courier service, please inform us immediately.

Important: International shipping will incur additional costs beyond your entry fee, upgrading will ensure that your prizes reach you safely and securely.


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