Compete internationally, from the comfort of your own home!

Online Horse Showing is an online destination where equestrians can compete against one another from the comfort of their own home.


Whether you're unable to attend real-life competitions due to injury, travel costs, or time constraints – or perhaps you just want to show off your horse within a friendly environment – Online Horse Showing is designed to bring the competition to you, making it super simple to enter and potentially win great prizes.


Rosettes are awarded to places 1st to 10th.

In addition to a rosette, first place winners will receive a prize/voucher kindly gifted by our sponsors. 


Hi, I'm Jasmine, the owner of Online Horse Showing!

After having owned horses for many years, I recently found myself in a place where I had to give all of that up. I went from spending every day with horses, to living a life without them. With no equine contact for almost two years, I was eager to do something -- anything! -- horsey! And so, in December 2016, Online Horse Showing was born!

Thanks to everyone who supports Online Horse Showing, I am now able to live my equine dream through all of you!

Jasmine, Creator


online horse showing

"Great range of classes and absolutely beautiful rosettes. Would highly recommend!"

Shannen Hage